How to create a scroll screenshot on android and ios

Update 11.08.2021: you want to photograph the content of a website? Screenshots are a practical tool for this. But if the content is longer than the view of the cell phone display it gets a bit more complicated. One solution is scrolling screenshots, which can capture the whole content of a website. How this works with the different smartphone manufacturers, you can read here.

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Samsung’s scroll screenshot function

Samsung has the scroll screenshot function on board as standard starting with the Galaxy S7. In the first step, create a normal screenshot as usual by pressing the Power and Quiet keys simultaneously. Afterwards, a preview of the screenshot is automatically displayed, while a button opens in parallel at the bottom of the screen. Tap the "Scroll capture" icon here – usually on the far left – and the Galaxy smartphone will scroll down automatically. Press on the icon until all necessary content is captured. A small preview appears on the side of the display, which shows the scroll screenshot. If you want to save only a longer passage, but not the entire page, press the icon only to the appropriate position. The scrolling screenshot will then be saved to the gallery.

Xiaomi and OPPO phones with scroll screenshot function

How to create a scroll screenshot on android and ios

Do you own a smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi or OPPO?? If yes, then you do not need an extra app to create a scroll screenshot. Take a normal screenshot with the OPPO smartphone or Xiaomi phone as usual via the familiar ways: for example, by pressing the Power and the Quiet keys at the same time or by swiping gesture downwards on the display with three fingers.

After that, you will see a preview of the screenshot on your Xiaomi phone display like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G in the upper right corner of the screen. Under it there are two buttons "Scroll" and "Send". Tap on "Scroll" to make a capture of the entire website. The process starts automatically and can be finished by clicking the "Done" button shown below. After saving, you will find the scrolling screenshot in your gallery.

For OPPO phones, the process is similar to Samsung devices. After you have taken the screenshot – for example with the OPPO A54 5G – a menu bar opens at the bottom of the screen. Tap "Long Screenshot" on the right here. Directly after that you can manually swipe to the desired location. With a click on "Done" the recording is finished.

Scroll screenshot on Huawei

Huawei also includes the tool for taking a scroll screenshot as standard. To begin, simply take a screenshot as usual by pressing the power button and silent button at the same time or tapping the screen with your knuckle. You may have to activate the latter function in the settings beforehand (under "Smart Support", "Motion Control" and then "Smart Screenshot"). The preview of the current screenshot appears afterwards. To create a scroll screenshot, you have to pull the preview downwards out of the display, so to speak, and the Huawei phone will automatically scroll downwards. To stop, tap once on the screen and the screenshot will be saved in the gallery.

Other Android smartphones

How to create a scroll screenshot on android and ios

You have an Android smartphone that doesn’t support the scroll screenshot feature out of the box? Don’t worry, scroll screenshots are also possible with free apps. "LongShot for long screenshot" is the name of a recommended application that you can download from the Google Play store. After installation, you will have three options for taking scroll screenshots:

  • "Capture Screenshot": with this function, you can either automatically or manually create scroll screenshots.
  • "Capture Web Page": By entering a URL you can directly capture parts of web pages.
  • "Select Images": this feature allows you to combine multiple images or screenshots you have already taken into one long image.

Scroll screenshots with the iPhone

How to create a scroll screenshot on android and ios

As of iOS 11, you no longer need an additional app for scroll screenshots with the Apple iPhone. By a practical feature you can record the screen of your iPhone as a video. For this, the "Screen recording" function must be enabled in the control panel. Bring up the control center by swiping it. There, in addition to settings for WLAN connection, display brightness or controlling music, you will also find the button with a circle with a ring for screen recording. After tapping, a countdown starts and then the white dot turns red – from this point on, the screen recording is running. Now scroll through websites or show processes in apps – finally just click on the red dot in the control center again. Finally, you will see a message that the file has been saved in "Photos".

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