How to create a gif from a tiktok video

How to create a GIF from a TikTok video

Creator use TikTok videos to maximize existing video content. Besides converting TikTok videos to ringtones, users can convert these short videos to eye-catching GIFs.

Converting TikToks to GIFs allows users to capture funny moments from a video, and brands can easily create digital assets while saving content creation time. In this article, I will show you how to convert TikTok to GIFs within the app and then convert any TikTok video to a GIF with a free GIF maker.

  1. Open the TikTok app and search for a video.
  2. Tap on the three circles below the share button and tap on Share as GIF.
  3. Tap Other, then Save Image To download the GIF to your phone.

You’ll find your new GIF in your Photos app, and you can share it on social media, messaging apps, and online communities.

To turn any TikTok video into a GIF

Some TikTok videos do not have the save or share feature enabled. If you come across a video without this feature, you can turn to an online tool to convert the TikTok to a GIF. In this example, I’m using a GIF maker from Kapwing to create my GIF. Kapwing, an online video editor for video artists, is free to use and compatible on any device with a browser.

Step 1: Copy the link to a TikTok video

Find a TikTok video, tap the share button, and then tap Copy link to save the link of the video. After that, you will see a popup at the top of the screen saying: "Copy."

Step 2: Open the GIF Maker Tool

Go to the free GIF maker and paste in the TikTok link. This will take you to Kapwing Studio. Here you can trim, share and crop your video to the ideal length for a GIF. I recommend making your video between 3-5 seconds long.

How to create a gif from a tiktok video

Drag the ends of the video layer to trim the length, and use the divider button above the timeline to add cuts. If you want to lower the volume, tap the video layer and then tap Edit video and drag the circle all the way to the left to mute the volume. Tap Ready At the bottom of the screen to complete your changes.

How to create a gif from a tiktok video

Step 3: Export and download GIF

If you want to save the GIF to your device, tap the arrow next to Export video at the top of the screen and select Export as GIF. After the project has been processed, tap on Download to save the GIF to your smartphone.

If you see a small watermark in the corner and want to remove it, tap on Log in to remove the watermark. This will create a free workspace for current and future projects. With the free version of Kapwing, you can edit and save content for up to two days. You can also use the share buttons to post your GIF on a social media platform, copy the link, and click on Embed to host your GIF on a website.

How to create a gif from a tiktok video

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