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Yearly horoscope 2021 for the ⭐star sign Leo | The look into the future for man ✚ woman. Everything to love, health, success, happiness& Finances | TAG24

The yearly horoscope for the zodiac sign Leo: What awaits Leo women and Leo men in matters of love life, finances and health in detail, only astrology can capture. The result about changes, challenges, opportunities and successes in the new year is written down here in the annual horoscope 2021. Take a look at the future!

The free annual horoscope for the zodiac sign Leo in the astro year 2021

The free annual horoscope for the zodiac sign Leo in the astro year 2021. © 123RF/1enchik

Leo horoscope for the year 2021

The annual horoscope for quick readers:

How will 2021 be for Leo women?

According to the 2021 horoscope for the Leo woman, love life is like a roller coaster ride. If something has been wrong for a long time, the desire for change can arise at the beginning of the year. After that comes a time of being in love, followed by a lull in matters of love and partnership. Things get romantic again in the fall, but by the end of Saturn’s year, a yearning for freedom makes the Leo woman break new ground. So that it doesn’t look just as turbulent at work, Leo women should focus on security according to the yearly horoscope. With creative and social solutions it gains respect in the workplace. In the summer, career opportunities take center stage and the Leo woman demonstrates negotiating skills.

How will 2021 be for Leo men?

The 2021 horoscope for Leo men advises caution at the beginning of the year. But in the spring of the new astro year, it picks up speed in terms of love, flirtation and partnership. Venus makes him float on cloud nine. Singles flirt, engaged partners enjoy togetherness. Wedding plans may even come up. Professionally, the Leo man horoscope also predicts promising: With his negotiating skills, he drives his career and advocates for the welfare of socially weaker people. The Leo man should not be reckless, but can only win with his optimism.

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Leo horoscope: This is how the year 2021 will be for the Leo woman

You are a Leo woman? This is your astro-annual barometer for 2021

You are a Leo woman? This is your astro-annual barometer for 2021. © RTV

Leo woman (23. July to 23. August)

With her dazzling appearance, no one can outdo the Leo woman.

The start into the Saturn year can be seen and nevertheless it will have to reckon with the one or other damper in the Saturn year. This will not please the lady who is used to success. But already in April and especially in June and July she pulls out all the stops. royally conquers its pedestal and rules from there until autumn. Business successes show up at the beginning of August. Marked by jealousy it can become its own stumbling block in October. Critical phases it must correctly assess in November and exercise caution in December. Then no one can hold a candle to her.

Love, Flirt, Partnership

With Uranus in tension and Saturn in opposition one does not necessarily go through life easily. There can be something wrong for a long time and you feel you have to change something. Your love life is always like a roller coaster ride. In love is the Leo woman in March and April. The ranks thin out even more between May and July. Her charisma arrives, she gets to know other people. Romantic and soulful, she experiences September. In October it should not set on confrontation. Something could go to pieces. Plagued by a longing for freedom, she goes new ways and that is not wrong.

Success and finances

In financial matters and at work, she faces challenges again and again in 2021. Saturn prompts to check weak points and to focus on security. She will also succeed in the new astro year. Creative solutions begin to emerge in mid-April and she gains respect in the workplace. One appreciates in May her commitment and her appearance is well received. In June and July career opportunities are in the foreground. In August it has a vigilant negotiating skills. She creatively advocates social solutions in the fall. If she avoids risks and pays attention in 2021, she will be satisfied.

Health and fitness

Her body cries out for sporting activity. But please do not exaggerate, it should do everything with moderation and purpose. In March there is danger of injury. In springtime she should ride her bike a lot. This not only invigorates the muscles, but also trains the mind. Its radiance is brilliant from July. Praise and compliments build her up. However, she should not expect to be permanently flattered. In October, setbacks could be quite hard on her. calm is needed and a sporting outlet must be found. Mentally it soon goes uphill again. She exchanges with other people and draws from it strength for new ideas.

Great strengths& small weaknesses of the Leo woman in 2021

Her sunny nature impresses her environment – but the Leo woman lives beyond her means.

Her mission in life is to be a worthy center of attention. And for it it pulls all registers. Vital and lively is its nature. Her organizational skills are remarkable. Passionately she represents her opinion and optimistically she overlooks stumbling blocks. Cordial is her interaction with other people and enthusiastic attracts her environment. She usually plans and dares the big throw. With small steps she will hardly give herself up. Although it is said to be proud and selfish, it is a completely sincere and open personality. The limelight attracts her and she longs for applause and admiration.

What makes her strong:

Her sunny disposition. She can impress others with her appearance. Magnanimous and justice-loving, she goes through life, even in 2021. It will do everything to get to the top. In doing so, however, she does not proceed recklessly. She knows how to take others along and bear responsibility. She faces dangerous situations courageously and fearlessly. Does not work, does not exist. In the Saturn year, she will usually only succeed in taking on tasks that also correspond to her ideas. She can convince and win over opponents. Their cheerfulness is contagious and in the performance of their tasks they are careful to be thorough and precise.

Which makes them weak:

You can’t joke at her expense. Hurts their pride. Always wants to take the lead. There are times when laziness wins out and she will hardly give a damn. If you don’t show her enough respect, you can expect her sharp claws, and if things don’t go her way, she’ll buck. Saving is not really her strength, she likes to spend money too much for that. Living with her is not easy. If you don’t stand on your hind legs, you will fall by the wayside. Their passions are often short-lived and feelings are occasionally trivialized. She sets the tone and wants to be duly praised for her skills.

Thanks to her cheerful nature, the Leo woman exudes particular charm in 2021. But her pride sometimes gets in the way according to her horoscope for the year. The Leo woman should take calmly times itself on the grain, that opens the heart.

Leo yearly horoscope: this is how the year 2021 will be for the Leo man

You are a Leo man? This is your astro-annual barometer for 2021

You are Leo man? This is your astro-annual barometer for 2021. © RTV

Leo man (23. July until 23. August)

The convinced appearance and various chances of the Leo man lead finally to success.

He starts the year full of verve. Embraced by Venus and Mars and supported by Jupiter in summer almost nothing can go wrong. Still, the Saturn year and Saturn in Aquarius at the same time may hold some stumbling blocks for him. This means that the Leo man should swim with the current, turn on the mind and also listen to what others say sometimes. April lures with professional offers and negotiating skills show in July. In autumn it is a bit treading water. For this a small harvest can be reaped in November. Its convincing appearance in the new astro year is its strength. If he takes his chances, he’s won.

Love, flirt, partnership

Venus and Mars bring the ice to melt already in January. February and March she should take a step back, because she has few chances. Waves smooth out in May and in June his charm slowly gets going. It will be hot and intimate in July. Venus crowns his zodiac sign and he floats on cloud nine. Singles now become the star on the flirting stage. Liierte partners enjoy a beautiful togetherness. Wedding plans can even be made. In autumn some discipline and perseverance are needed. Beware of jealous scenes, they don’t pay off. Starting from November again enchanting dates can announce themselves.

Success and finances

At the beginning of 2021, a few things are going through his mind. However, it should let it mature a bit first. From April it can take off. Concrete results show up from May until mid-July. He shows negotiating skills and puts himself with his project in the right light. It can juggle finances well in the first half of August. Now he’s pushing his career too. In autumn, he spontaneously intervenes for the benefit of the socially weaker. Although this involves risks, it also stabilizes his inner well-being. In November he should not risk anything recklessly. If he sees the positive in everything, he can only win.

Health and fitness

The Leo man does not necessarily go relaxed into the Saturn year according to the annual horoscope. With arising stress it is important to allow oneself also sometimes some rest. In April he draws strength from beautiful conversations. He is in demand and makes new experiences. This is water on his mill. He doesn’t necessarily have to travel for a nice vacation, as long as he integrates sports activities. Everyday life in September looks a bit dull. It threatens to be sidelined. Therefore, he should stay on the ball and take the initiative himself. New momentum makes it very attractive from November onwards. This flatters him a lot and makes him burst with strength and energy.

Great strengths& small weaknesses of the Leo man in 2021

The Leo man inspires as a conqueror – but his bossiness creates enemies.

This enthusiastic man arrives! It is used to being in the spotlight, and its charm opens doors for it. You can laugh with him, he enjoys life and basks in the light of his generosity. Professionally, he aspires to leadership positions, which he fills perfectly thanks to his organizational skills. Honor and dignity are very pronounced. However, he can be a bit difficult to work with as he can’t take criticism. You shouldn’t give him a reason to be jealous, because he doesn’t tolerate a rival. He is a born conqueror, falls in love quickly and needs admiration like air to breathe.

What makes him strong:

The dignity it radiates. He pushes for self-realization and the sun, as the ruler of his zodiac sign, always sets him perfectly in scene. He recognizes the focus of his existence, builds on himself and creates his own individual rhythm of life. His cordiality arrives. In its environment no one falls by the wayside. He knows how to win people over and carry them away. He sees his family as a pack, over which he does not necessarily rule, but which he defends. He is a master of generous gestures, generous and optimistic. In money matters he usually goes the way spoiled by success.

What makes it weak:

His airs and graces. He puts himself on a pedestal and tries to steal the water from others. It wants to be the leader and its patronizing behavior can quickly offend others. Again and again he tries to put his stamp on others. He hates criticism, has a hard time with self-reflection and is occasionally superficial and cocky. He always has the feeling that he is destined for something higher. He doesn’t make friends with this attitude. Outwardly he pretends to be big, but is mostly in search of self-assurance and self-confidence. He does not necessarily cope well with the gray everyday reality and feels too bad for the small stuff.

The annual horoscope gives all kinds of tips on where the Leo man can start to experience a happy 2021. A little more critical faculties can help. But his loving nature also makes up for much in the Saturn year.

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