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Make-up with glasses has to be learned: We reveal the best makeup tricks and give makeup tips for farsighted and nearsighted glasses wearers. This way to exciting moments and the perfect make-up with glasses.

Make up eyes with glasses

Refined, refined: Good eye makeup emphasizes your looks, but shouldn’t be too over-the-top. What you should always bear in mind: Glasses and their lenses swallow some of the color. So you have to "apply a little thicker" than your friends without vision aids. With different techniques you can even touch up small blemishes.

Are you farsighted or nearsighted? The first look should definitely be your glasses. Then the optimal make-up for your eyesight is based on that.

Tip: With make-up glasses, squinted eyes and smudged eyeliner are a thing of the past. Also illuminated make-up mirrors, which are available with up to 20-fold The new glasses, which are available with a magnification factor, make it much easier for eyeglass wearers to apply makeup.

Make-up with glasses for short-sighted people

You have probably already noticed: glasses with minus lenses make your eyes look smaller. What you can do about it? Choose light, pastel-colored eye shadows. When applying make-up with glasses, shade the crease of the eyelid one tone darker in the direction of the brow. Using a light kohl pencil in white or beige, apply a line on the lower lash line, the waterline – smoothing out from the outer edge of the eye to the center. In this way the look is additionally opened.

On the upper eyelid, completely frame the upper lash line with matching eyeliner. Brown appears somewhat softer than black. The eyes appear even larger thanks to vigorously applied mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

Tip: Several times Apply mascara with short pauses and While doing so, place the brush at the lash line and pull it through the lashes with zigzag movements. This allows the mascara to dry and the eyelashes do not stick together so much.

Make-up with glasses for farsighted people

Beautiful to look at: Plus lenses enlarge your eyes – a very beneficial effect. At most, you should counteract very high diopter numbers or very large eyes. Otherwise you have the choice. Matte, dark tones make the eye look smaller. The eyeliner may be drawn in the tightest circle around the eye. Only mascara should be avoided on the lower lash line – otherwise your eye will really appear a tad too big.

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Primer: the be-all and end-all of make-up with glasses

A beautiful eye make-up will look even better if you provide the right base. When applying make-up with glasses, a primer should not be missing. It eliminates skin irritations as well as eye shadows and ensures an even complexion. For this purpose, concealers and liquid or creamy make-up, powder and concealer are suitable. The concealer was developed especially for the sensitive eye area. Fine, light-reflecting substances make your look radiant.

Tip: Test the right shade for your skin directly on your face or neck – not on the back of your hand. This one usually has a different skin tone.

Face shape determines make-up

Correct make-up with glasses – now you already know the most important basics. But not only your eyesight plays a decisive role for the make-up. Additionally consider your face shape. You can influence their advantages and disadvantages through appropriate make-up techniques. Apple cheeks reddened with rouge unfortunately do not suit round faces. We’re happy to tell you what comes better: we’ve compiled the six face shapes, the right makeup and the right glasses shape for you. Here you can learn more about face shapes.

Make-up made easy: The optimal equipment

Not only the right make-up technique is important for a professional make-up result – the surrounding is also decisive. The lighting takes a high value. A dark bathroom with a moderately lit mirror is not a suitable place to create a perfect look for yourself. Because not only do you strain your eyes, the make-up often looks completely different in daylight. Therefore, make sure that your make-up area is always sufficiently illuminated.

Make-up mirrors with integrated daylight lamps that simulate natural lighting conditions and optimally illuminate your face are ideal. Here’s how you can see how your makeup will look outside while you’re putting it on. Magnifying mirrors are another aid for perfect makeup – and not just for women with defective vision. These are available in the furniture store or drugstore in different sizes and with different magnification factors.

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