How to annoy neighbors

There is trouble at the Steinern Kreuz in Friedberg. The city has the Entroncamento path rebuilt. Residents fear fence-sitters will watch them eat lunch in future.

A green corridor runs between the construction area at Steinern Kreuz and the single-family houses in Ernst-Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse built about 25 years ago. This is currently being redone by a construction company. The pedestrian and bicycle path there was christened the Entroncamento path a few years ago. The name of the Portuguese twin city means something like "branching" in German and goes back to a railroad junction. Maybe this gave the planner the idea to branch four ways in front of the Steinern Kreuz. In the triangles between the paths raised beds are created.

"Great idea, very innovative," praises local resident Karl Moch. "But why didn’t they ask us before they started planning??" "Us", that is Moch and his neighbors. And "the", that is the city hall. What annoys the residents: the new path reaches – so it shows the excavation – up to 1.20 meters to some properties; with others it is up to 14 meters. The new path winds its way through the site. "Great, you can do it that way," says Moch. But why does not the path meander a little more in the middle of the site? And why, of all things, is it the properties whose houses are closer to the property line that are the most targeted??

Residents angry about planning

"Anyone passing by can look into my house through the window," says Hans Muller. "Last week there was a note in the mailbox that the work was starting and that we should clear everything away." Fine and dandy. But why were the residents not informed before the planning?? "Now nothing can be changed there", says Mueller. However, he still wants to get rid of his anger about this "planning tour de force".

"What is then with the always again largely announced citizen friendliness?", asks Moch. When he unsuspectingly left his garden through the back door in the evening on the first day of the construction work, he groped into a 40-centimeter-deep hole. "There was nothing blocked off."Moch is still lucky. Between the path and his house is a garden several meters wide. The houses of the neighbors directly in front of the Steinern Kreuz are closer to the property line, because the properties are smaller. "Here, of all places, the path swings farthest to the east, directly in front of the houses."On the next property is the "Sonnenschein" daycare center, whose building will soon be expanded, which is why it is also close to the last house on Ernst-Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse. "One could have led the way at this point away from the properties and directly to the Steinern Kreuz," says Moch.

If one asks in the city hall, the thing looks already a little differently. Today’s Entroncamentoweg is the historical Burgweg, a connection of the castle with the Steinern Kreuz. On this way, informs Michael Leicht of the office for urban development, pedestrians had walked for more than 25 years, directly along the house gardens of the Ernst-Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse.

Prescribed hedge is missing

In the development plan for these houses, it is stipulated that the residents must create a two-meter wide hedge on their private property to the Entroncamentoweg. Most residents would have done this, except for the two southern plots in front of the Sonnenschein daycare center. "There are no plantings there."The stipulations of the B-Plan were not adhered to by the owners.

The city has also offered to plant a 1.5-meter-wide strip on public land. This would result in a hedge width of 3.5 meters and thus sufficient privacy protection, Leicht explains. "A view into the dining room is then no longer possible." This also because the dimension data, which the residents call, are wrong. The distance between the path and the houses is at least 14.5 meters for eight residents, and 11.5 meters for two of them. Only the two southern plots have a smaller distance of 4.5 meters. On the offer of the city to extend the Gecke, there had been "unfortunately no feedback".

Citizen participation desired

In the dispute about the Entroncamentoweg the residents complain that they were not informed sufficiently and above all much too late by the city about the building measure . The office for urban development writes for this that "on the 24. and 25. In March, ten days before the on-site meeting with the residents, a letter (130 copies) announcing the start of construction and indicating the municipal contact person for queries was distributed throughout the construction area and to the residents of Ernst Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse. While the new citizens made lively use of this (z. B. request for the plan documents by e-mail), came from the Ernst-Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse only after excavation resp. Bulkheading the way two inquiries, one of which is the complaint in question. Suggestions from the citizenry (consideration of allergies) were addressed by changing the type of plant.«

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