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Leserabe Special Volumes

Leserabe special volumes

In cooperation with the Ravensburger Buchverlag, reading books from current children’s literature have been prepared according to the syllable method with syllable separators.

Four brand-new special volumes for grades 1 and 2 are now available in our store.

Free learning packages

Free downloads for grades 1 to 6

For quarantine, to fill in gaps and for repetition.

The current situation still doesn’t allow for safe, orderly schooling. Our learning packages contain proven materials for grades 1 to 6 and many worksheets for independent work.

The new complete program

The new overall program 2022 is here!

All new products, proven textbooks and interesting insights into the publishing house – you will find all this in the catalog, which is being sent to schools these days and which you can also browse through online.

Detailed teacher's material for the mathematics exercise book

NEW: The exercise book mathematics

Diagnosis | Differentiation | Support

A whole folder full of additional material for the mathematics exercise book, which can also be used for differentiated and diagnostic purposes in the classroom and in support work.

Picture: Fit in reading 4

NEW: Fit im Lesen 4 – non-fiction texts

For reading training and reading comprehension

The collection of materials with 3-way differentiated non-fiction texts and worksheets can be used flexibly and offers the perfect support to encourage each child individually in reading.

The new program is available!

The new overall program is available!

The overall program for secondary school

The complete program for secondary school

What our customers say

ABC of animals& Mildenberger syllable method

Thank you for the offers over so many years. Your publishing house was the first to consistently use reading in syllables. I have been able to help many students learn to read this way. I have used the ABC of Animals primer a lot.

retired special needs teacher

The math book 1 and suitable additional material

Very clear, age-appropriate, interesting and very good for working in a class.

Elementary school teacher

Mildenberger Web Seminars

Many thanks for another very interesting seminar. I think I have actually participated in almost all of the seminars and found them all very exciting and interesting!

Teacher from Straubing, Bavaria

German as a second language

I am a teacher for German and Latin at a grammar school in Gottingen and I am currently tutoring language learners among others. In this context, I also get to know the materials of various publishers for DAZ/DAF lessons.

Therefore I would like to give you a very high praise. Your material is not only very affordable, but also extremely clear, very sensible and coherently structured, easily explained and a lot of fun to work with.

Already last year students who also needed to be alphabetized had great success thanks to your wonderful material. I just wanted to give this back once, because I am happy about it every time.

Kristine Hofmann
German teacher at high school

General evaluation

Generous promotions (raffles, test packages – a clever concept!); all items with sample page for download; very good price-performance ratio;

especially relevant for practice: Material (v.a. Workbooks) not only very well structured and clearly designed, but also so affordable that it can be well recommended to parents and colleagues as support material as well;

Material for all subjects and learning levels; for both weak and strong students

German connection

[. ] I recently discovered the series "Connecting" and tried it out directly in the classroom. It was a nice surprise for me and for my students! The comprehension aids are structured exactly according to my ideas. The tasks are clearly formulated and structured for language beginners. Students are able to make sense of it on their own and are proud of their results.

Many many thanks!

More works built in this way and giving to international cultural heritage are highly desired!

Elementary school teacher

Connecting German 3

There are many children who can all communicate well in German, but whose grammar and vocabulary are more than capable of improvement. And exactly for these children there was never material until your booklet was published.

The booklets are so logically/simply structured that I can actually teach all five at once via voice call. We read the text, go through the tasks orally, and later they work on them alone. [. ]

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