Hlw krieglach these three women stand their ground

Many professions are still sometimes attributed purely to women or men. We asked three women who have found their feet in a man’s world how they feel about their career choice today.

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Jana Rosenbichler, Regina Schrittwieser and Viktoria Achatz

Jana Rosenbichler, Regina Schrittwieser and Viktoria Achatz © Furgler, Private (2)

There are always skeptical looks and surprised faces when women talk about their work in classic male professions, or men when they have taken up a profession in supposedly female terrain. We asked three women how they feel about their choice of profession and how they manage their daily lives.

Jana Rosenbichler: "Every woman can do everything"

You have chosen a special profession. How did it come to this?
Jana Rosenbichler: I have been a chimney sweep for three years now and work in Langenwang. Before I attended the Borg Kindberg, but then I wanted to earn my own money quickly. My current employer did his work at our home. That aroused my interest. Arranging a trial week was no problem then. In the week in question I was surprised how much is behind the profession. I made an effort and was even hired right away.

Was the choice of profession right??
I would choose this profession again. I like being able to hold my own in front of others, especially my male colleagues. In addition, I can say that my day-to-day work in a "male profession" is very active and demanding. It’s a great feeling to show what you can do and receive praise afterwards. In my opinion, every woman can create and learn anything she wants.

Do you see your profession as a clear "man’s profession"??
For me, chimney sweeping has long ceased to be a typical profession for men. Many customers are often more satisfied with the work of women. Maybe we work cleaner. (laughs) I think you just have to dare to take the path that interests you, that seems right to you. So show courage and maybe you will become a "lucky charm" yourself one day.

Regina Schrittwieser: "Being a woman is no longer an obstacle today

Madam Mayor, you have been in office for a long time. How did it all begin?
Regina Schrittwieser: I come from the district of Furstenfeld, studied in Vienna and came to Krieglach through my husband. I have been a full-time mayor since 2015. In the past I also worked as a farmer’s wife. My husband was mayor before me. In 1985, my husband founded his own party, the Schrittwieser List, and in 1990 he became mayor. Out of interest in politics I ran for the first time for the local council in 2000 and since 2003 I have been mayoress.

How do you imagine your everyday life??
My schedule is strict and I am usually on duty seven days a week. Through Corona, however, there are hardly any events on the weekends. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my career choice.

Do you consider your profession to be a "man’s profession"??
I don’t see my profession as a "man’s profession" at all. I don’t have the feeling that I have to assert myself more than my male colleagues. I have always been taken seriously. I would like to pass on to other women who want to pursue a "man’s profession" that you can achieve anything with your own conviction. If there were a chance to choose this profession again, I would definitely take it. "Being a woman" is no longer an obstacle today if you are really interested in your profession.

What is important to you about your profession??
For me it is important to say that the youth, no matter if girls or boys, should take the chance to be politically active. In Krieglach we have specially introduced the children’s community council, where children from the age of nine can participate.

Viktoria Achatz: "I won’t let anything stop me"

You are currently completing an apprenticeship. Which is it?
Viktoria Achatz: I am currently in the second year of my apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, which I am completing in Kapfenberg.

How did you become interested in this teaching profession?
Through my circle of friends. My mom gave me a lot of support in my choice of career. She was a great support to me. Because the astonishment in my environment was sometimes great.

Were there also negative reactions because of the choice of profession?
Yes, I have also received a few unpleasant comments. "Women and technology don’t work" or "I don’t like women in this profession" I have already had to listen to. But I am still convinced of my profession and try to ignore such comments. I will not let that stop me in any case. Accuracy, perseverance, and knowing your strengths are essential personal requirements for considering this career option. And these characteristics can have men as well as women.

Would you take up the profession again?
Yes, definitely. Several of my training colleagues have had similar negative experiences as I have. But they also affect men. If a man chooses a profession that is considered weak in society, he too will be met with stupid comments.

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