Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Healthy weight loss in old age: diet plan and tips for woman& Man with 50& 60 years

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Losing weight in old age presents the body with different challenges than in younger years. Learn in this guide how to lose excess pounds thanks to the right diet and age-appropriate exercise concepts.

As the organism changes with age, diets should also be adapted. Otherwise, overweight and nutrient deficiencies can be the result. Healthy best agers and seniors need a diet plan that addresses their individual needs and is particularly compatible., the online portal for the generation 50plus, shows what is important and how people in the food in a healthy way reduce body fat.

Healthy weight loss in old age

The diet should promote all organ functions and positively influence the digestive tract. Food should be of high quality and as unprocessed as possible. Decisive with regard to the prevention of overweight is the adjustment of energy intake.

The body needs less energy in the advanced age, therefore one should take also fewer calories to itself. If one lowers the daily "dose" of his calories not, threaten quickly fat pads. Compared with the age group to approximately 33 years the calorie need sinks with rising age continuously.

From 75 years this is around approx. 35 percent lower. In order to eat a balanced and healthy diet, care should therefore be taken to reduce the amount of calories consumed in the age group between 55 and 75 years by about 25 percent. Eating consciously means staying fit and healthy.

Age-appropriate nutrition can be described in terms of its requirements on the basis of three essential points:

  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Protein

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is elementary for strong bones, 90 percent of it is formed in the skin. When the sun’s UV radiation hits the surface of the skin, vitamin D formation is stimulated. Especially in autumn and winter, when the amount of UV rays decreases significantly, the supply from the body’s own production is insufficient.

In older people, vitamin D synthesis through the skin decreases with age. Since there are also only a few foods that supply the body with this important vitamin, it may be advisable, according to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), to rely on appropriate dietary supplements (see DGE information brochure "Essen und Trinken im Alter" ("Eating and drinking in old age")) Page 12: Vitamin D)

A possible vitamin D deficiency can be detected with a simple test procedure. Such vitamin D tests are available quite cheaply and can even be done from home. At pharmacies or specialized health service providers such test packages are offered.

Basenio-Tipp: In a net search our editorship found a favorable offer for 28.30 euro with the Dienstleister Cerascreen, with which a Vitamin D test and a manual for patients is contained.

In order to prevent muscle weakness and bone loss, the vitamin D requirement must also be covered by the diet. Vitamin D is found in egg yolk, herring, salmon, cod liver oil, smoked eel, sardines, avocado and mackerel, among others. The light yellow oil cod liver oil has the highest proportion.

Losing weight in old age | Salmon diet

100 grams of salmon contain about 20 grams of protein. (Source: © Mara Zemgaliete – Adobe Stock)

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. However, they also contain valuable minerals such as . Iron, zinc and copper. (Source: © matin – Adobe Stock)

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Variety is the key. Vitamin-rich foods are found in many fruits and berries. (Source: . © PhotoSG – Adobe Stock)

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Rich in vitamin D are salmon, eggs, hard cheese, peas, dairy products and champions. (Source: © . bit24 – Adobe Stock)

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Pumpkin plants are a low-calorie food. However, there are many important minerals in . them. (Source: © Alexander Raths – Adobe Stock)

Healthy weight loss in old age | at 50 | 60 | seniors | woman

Although most nuts contain a lot of fat, they should still be eaten for their valuable nutrients . Ingredients such as minerals and vitamins are part of the nutrition plan. (Source: © Dionisvera – Adobe Stock)

Foods rich in iron

If tiredness and fatigue occur more frequently in old age, an iron deficiency may be to blame for the symptoms. The reason for the deficiency is often the decreasing intestinal activity, which inhibits the sufficient absorption of iron. The daily requirement amount for seniors is around ten milligrams. However, these quantities are only intended as a guide.

If tablets are taken for blood pressure regulation or the like, the requirement may vary. Iron also helps stabilize the immune system: Red blood cells are activated and the oxygen supply to the cells is guaranteed. Iron is found, for example, in green leafy vegetables, nuts, chicken, white cabbage, millet and turmeric. High-quality oils are recommended for salads, as they contain valuable fatty acids.

Protein-rich foods

In old age, high-quality protein is important for healthy weight loss. If protein intake is reduced during a diet, the body gets the energy it needs from the muscles. As a consequence the muscle mass decreases. What initially sounds like a weight loss exercise can quickly turn into a "boomerang" point out.

If the musculature decreases, the body’s own basal metabolic rate and power metabolic rate also decrease. This refers to the energy needs of the organism. Less energy is therefore needed to maintain bodily functions. However, if you do not permanently reduce your diet, you will consume more energy than your body actually needs. This surplus is stored in the fatty tissue and leads to weight gain.

So if you are on a diet, you should watch your protein intake. In order to provide the body with sufficient nutrition, per kilogram of body weight (normal weight), approx. Take in 0.9 to 1.1 g of protein. Eggs, lean fish and meat, legumes, dairy products and soy are rich sources of protein.

Nutrition plan& Tips

To facilitate weight loss, an appropriate change in diet is advisable. Excess kilos are often caused by an unbalanced diet that also provides too much energy. With three hand-sized portions of vegetables, two hand-sized portions of fruit, high-quality fats and sufficient whole grain products, a large part of the vitamin and mineral requirements is already covered.

Here you can find free diet plans:
– Pharmacy review: Healthy daily plans

The diet should be supplemented with fish twice a week and plenty of still water. Meat, sausage, sugar, fruit juices and salts are to be enjoyed in moderation. If you follow these rules and do not exceed the calorie requirement, you can lose weight effectively and healthily.

Great tips for losing weight as you age is also provided by blogger Greta Silver in her video:

Youtube Video

Exercise is important

To focus exclusively on nutrition when losing weight in a healthy way would be negligent. Seniors should exercise according to their physical fitness. With an individual combination of endurance and strength training, weight loss success can be achieved in a particularly targeted manner.

While endurance sports such as swimming, Nordic walking and cycling are easy on the joints and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, targeted strength training increases the proportion of muscle. This in turn increases the body’s energy consumption. This creates an effective weight loss cycle, which is particularly effective when supplemented with an optimal diet.

As with food, exercise is the same: It must be enjoyable to keep motivation constant. Therefore, it is important to choose a sport that suits your personal interests. Ideally, regular exercise sessions are integrated into everyday life over the long term. For example, household chores can be combined with workout sessions. WITH the right training mat, such workouts are really fun.

This prevents the dreaded "yo-yo effect" and ensures lasting health. If the physical performance decreases, the amount of exercise can be achieved by taking walks in the fresh air.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has great tips for sports in old age on its website richtigfitab50.en. Here, the DOSB regularly provides information about offers and trends for older people who would like to exercise.


Losing weight in old age is possible with Exercise and a age-appropriate change in diet healthy design. To prevent motivation from waning, it is advisable to set clear goals and record progress in writing. To ensure that the new lifestyle is maintained continuously, seniors should allow themselves small sins. After all, culinary enjoyment is an important part of quality of life.

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