Having an electrician install lamps – what are the costs??


Handling electricity can be life-threatening. Many people therefore rightly let the expert take care of all installation work. This incurs higher costs, but in the end brings significantly more safety – otherwise incorrectly made connections can even lead to fires in the end. Find out what costs you have to reckon with when the electrician installs lamps from the cost check expert in our interview.

Question: What costs do you have to reckon with when the electrician installs a lamp?

Cost check expert: That depends of course always completely on the kind of the lamp or the lamps – and on the time expenditure, which develops for the electrician with the assembly.

Basically the costs are composed of the following parts:

  • travel expenses
  • Small parts, mounting material, required cable material
  • Labor costs (according to working time)

The travel expenses are usually charged according to the travel distance or according to a fixed flat rate. How high they are, always depends on the individual electrical company and the given distance to the site.

In general, hardly any installation material is required for the installation of lamps, only a few small parts are usually required about 5 EUR to 10 EUR to.


The working time can vary greatly in individual cases – for the simple connection of one or even several lamps, an electrician usually needs less than half an hour. The complete installation of ceiling lamps including transformer connection, on the other hand, can take 2 hours or more.

With most electricians and specialist companies you can expect hourly rates between about 45 EUR per hour and 80 EUR per hour going out. Small connection works, which are fast settled, are often charged by many electrical enterprises also with special flat rates.

Cheaper prices can often be negotiated if the electrician can "squeeze in" the job when he is nearby. Thus, the low order value for him is compensated a little, in addition, the travel cost share can sink. Time-wise one must be then however a little flexible with the completion of the connection.

lamp installations in damp rooms


If lamps are mounted in the bathroom, it can sometimes be a little more elaborate. Only certain lamps and transformers may be installed in these areas due to applicable safety regulations. The electrician must judge whether the installation of a certain lamp in individual areas is at all permissible.

Further problematic areas for the installation are for example the direct environment or the inside of home saunas. In this case often a heat protection for the lamps must be installed additionally.

For it higher expenditure develops, thus also the costs of the installation possibly slightly increase.

Cost example from practice

We let the electrician in the vicinity connect two newly purchased lamp systems. The electrician must install the transformer and connect the lamps completely.

Item price
Travel (flat rate) 35,50 EUR
Working time (1.25 hours) 81,25 EUR
small material / mounting material 11,40 EUR
Total costs 128,15 EUR

The costs shown here refer to the pricing of a certain electrician company and the individual installation effort at certain local conditions.

The cost of installing other lamps elsewhere or by another company may, of course, vary. Decisive is always the individually given expenditure.

Question: What do the costs depend on when an electrician installs the lamps??


Cost check expert: To be considered here are:

  • The cost of travel (travel distance, applicable flat rates charged by the company for travel, if applicable)
  • required small parts, installation materials and cables
  • Time required for installation (can sometimes vary significantly depending on the type of lamps)
  • any applicable small installation or connection flat rates at individual companies

Those with somewhat flexible schedules may also be able to make arrangements with the electrician when it comes to price.

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