Hartz iv: electricity and gas prices explode – jobcenter taunted with savings tips

Inflation rate reached a whopping 5 percent in December. There has not been such a rate of price increase for 30 years. In addition to food prices, the cost of electricity and gas is skyrocketing. Instead of compensating for this significant shortfall in Hartz IV and social assistance households, however, some job centers have gone over to sending savings tips to Hartz IV recipients.

Affected feel mocked

When a single mother, who made itself on Twitter properly air, the letter of the job center in the hands held, felt it simply only still "fooled".

The cost of electricity and gas has been skyrocketing for months. Nevertheless, at the turn of the year there was only a minimal adjustment of the standard benefits of 3 euros. In this tense situation the only help of the job centers is to send hints for saving by mail.

Saving tips that read like mockery

But because the mini-increase does not cover the increase in costs in the slightest, the job centers are sending out information sheets on how benefit recipients can make even more savings. Thus the authority suggested for example "to ventilate correctly" or also only there "to switch on the light", wherever you are.

„Just be grateful that the job center explains to me how I can save heating and electricity costs even better, if the rates are already not adjusted to the rising energy costs", writes the Twitter user with the psydonym "FatalNismus sarcastic.

However, she is not concerned with the everyday hints as such, but with the stigmatization of those affected by Hartz IV.

„The problem is not the tips, but that these are exclusively addressed to only one population group- namely those affected by poverty were sent out and not as part of a large-scale energy-saving campaign to all households in Germany", she says.

“Saving energy is always sensible. What’s problematic is that many of us experiencing poverty are already doing that. Because we have had no other option for a long time with rates that are too low. And to send such letters now of all times is impudent.”

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Others agree in the comments: "It is disgusting to be. Suggests evenly also: ‘If it is not enough, you are also simply something itself to blame!’ Gaslighting of the finest.“

Why are energy prices rising??

Natural gas prices have risen by 440 percent. In a year-on-year comparison, heating costs in German households have already risen by 30 percent compared with the previous year. For electricity, the increase is 4 percent.

Background for the drastic increase is on the one hand the increased energy demand in the course of the Corona pandemic, on the other hand the emission trading system for CO2 emissions of the EU has led to an increase in costs. Some European countries therefore want to relieve their consumers or install tariff brakes. In Germany, there are no plans to do this yet.

Demands for more help

„We see an explosion in energy prices, especially for gas. It is clear that energy should not only be something for the rich. Therefore the next Federal Government is demanded to support straight financially weak families and to mitigate the heating cost explosion ", Gerd Landsberg, managing director of the Association of Towns and Municipalities, also warns.

No subsidies planned so far

While for housing subsidy receivers/inside reliefs are actually planned, Hartz IV and social welfare receivers go empty out. So far, only individual lip service has been paid to remedying this situation.

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