Harald gloockler in the jungle camp: daniel hartwich makes nasty joke about his face

Harald Gloockler is a candidate in the jungle camp 2022. Here you can find all the information about the fashion designer.

by Melissa K. 2. February 2022, 7:00

Finally jungle fever in warm climes again! From South Africa starts "I am a Star – Get me out of here!" on Friday, the 21. January 2022, at 21:30 o’clock with RTL, into the 15. Anniversary Relay. Among the twelve candidates and contestants is also Harald Gloockler. He was officially announced as a participant. Here you can find all information about the fashion designer.

  • On 21. January 2022 starts at 21:30 the 15. Season of "I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" at RTL.
  • A total of 12 celebrity candidates and contestants venture to South Africa in the jungle camp.
  • Harald Gloockler is one of them – he has had some beauty procedures done on himself before the jungle camp 2022. In the jungle he is ready to give everything.

In the jungle camp the nerves are on edge. Eric Stehfest complains about the trust issues that plague him. Harald Gloockler takes the desperate GZSZ actor in his arms and gives comfort.
A dramatic moment, which presenter Daniel Hartwich used to make a joke at Harald’s expense after the interlude. To Sonja Zietlow, he quoted once again the following statement of the ex-"Let’s Dance" judge: "There I look you in the eyes, there is nothing faked and nothing faked."Afterwards he commented dryly: "Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that face." No question, a clear allusion to the numerous beauty surgeries of the designer.

Sonja also mocked Harald: "Then they lie for minutes in each other’s arms. Please do not forget, it is the same Harald Gloockler, who hates hugs, shakes no one’s hand and would like to be called by everyone. It is probably not the same Harald Gloockler."

Dschungelcamp 2022: This is candidate Harald Gloockler

Harald Gloockler (56), civically Harald Glockler, was born on 30. May 1965 in Maulbronn born and is a German fashion designer and entrepreneur, who became particularly known for his rhinestone and glittering creations. Gloockler’s trademark is a crown motif that is often complemented by a "POMPoS" lettering.

Even as a child, Harald Gloockler knew that only diligence and a strong, goal-oriented will could take him forward. And he wanted to get to the front, he didn’t want a piece of the pie, he wanted the whole bakery!

Harald Gloockler

Harald Gloockler ©IMAGO / Future Image

Tears in the camp: marital problems and childhood trauma

Already on the second day in the jungle, the designer shows his vulnerable side. In front of his housemates, he talks openly about his homosexuality and early childhood.

My childhood was a single trauma, a pile of broken pieces – and that is terrible.

Harald Gloockler, jungle camp

His father was extremely violent – with the tragic end that Harald’s mother died in an attack. In the jungle camp Harald wanted to process this traumatic experience.

It’s like a cure here, like a detox for the soul, to get rid of those horrors of childhood.

Harald Gloockler, jungle camp

His marriage is also a reason why he is now participating in the jungle camp after many cancellations in recent years, he says. "I have to find something radical to be clear about things," he explained. A chance for his marriage, because he hopes: "If something loosens and changes with me, something also changes with him."Currently Gloockler suffers from the situation at home, but he would never "throw dirt", so a war of the roses with his husband Dieter Schroth (73) start.

On the other hand, Gloockler seo has a lot to complain about Dieter Schroth: he is "one of those men who are over 70 and googled that men die at 76."Since then he has been "sick, always sick," the designer claims. "He has diabetes, eats nevertheless much sweet, does not move and becomes ever fatter."He himself suffers massively from the situation, emphasizes Gloockler: "The bad thing is that it also drags you down when someone is only negative. And he is only negative."

Harald Gloockler: Now his partner Dieter Schroth has his say

What does partner Dieter Schroth say about Harald Gloockler’s tearful tale in front of an audience of millions at the jungle campfire? The stressed to the "Bild" newspaper, he was "surprised" about what he said about him. "I will discuss everything with him first, when he is back home," said Dieter Schroth.

The couple has lived and worked together "for 36 years," Schroth explains. One had "always stuck together". "For better or for worse. We will also now solve everything that arises in a fair way".

The style icon is a current fan favorite

For the Twitter community, Harald Gloockler is already number 1.

During the first food test, the 56-year-old caused a surprise. He didn’t even bat an eyelash when he had to eat a kudu penis. Unlike his team members, he gobbled up the two required pieces – even though he actually eats a vegetarian diet.

"Am a real fan of Harald, he’s doing really well right now" and "How King Harald doesn’t make a face", it was directly from some fans on Twitter.

This is what Harald Gloockler is most afraid of in the jungle camp:

As Harald Gloockler tells Bild, he takes these two personal items with him into the jungle: "A miracle pillow that you can open, then it’s a blanket and a pillow. And, most important of all: an Odol mouth spray."

Gloockler is most afraid of vapors before the show: "I find it quite terrible when someone smells from the mouth. I definitely don’t want to stink in the jungle camp! That’s why I had botox under my armpits."

But the designer does not have to worry about his appearance, thinks at least jungle camp legend Desiree Nick. "He has his makeup so permanently tacked on, you can put him in the wash cycle, you can put him under the waterfall. Even the hair is like that, nothing will move," she said in an interview with BILD Live.

Harald Gloockler takes his personal trainer with him to South Africa

As reported by Bild, Harald Gloockler was calm before the start of the show:

"I’m not nervous, there’s no point now anyway. My husband, Mr. Schroth, is certainly more nervous than I am when he will watch the jungle camp every night. His health is a bit better, he is in good spirits and is happy for me that I am embarking on this adventure."

Dieter Schroth, however, cannot accompany Gloockler to South Africa due to his health condition. That’s why the candidate asked his personal trainer David Munch: "He is 27 years old and a polite, nice, reliable man. I can rely on him. We trained together during the lockdown, my husband likes him too."

Harald Gloockler on his tough childhood

Harald Gloockler grew up in Zaisersweiher, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. His father ran an inn there. His brother is two years older than him.

Harald Gloockler’s childhood was anything but perfect, but in retrospect it was the best school for his life, as he himself says. His father’s aggression and brutality towards his mother determined everyday life and shaped his childhood. Harald was a very quiet, watchful child and studied the adult world in detail. Everything revolved around money. Whoever had money was respected and possessed power. He also had the feeling that everyone seemed to be looking out for his or her own advantage. No matter whether he’s a farmer, a butcher, a factory owner or a priest.

He saw how everyone tried to push through their views. He was particularly struck by the fear-mongering and the fact that you only belonged if you played by the rules and subordinated yourself. He didn’t want to belong at all and he didn’t want to be subordinate, he didn’t care what people thought about him. He wanted to live, to live his life. At the age of six he decided to change it, to do it differently.

Harald Gloockler suffered not only from his father’s alcoholism. According to his own statements, he was also sexually abused as a child.

When his mother died at the age of 14, he felt lost without her. Tragic: Gloockler believes his father caused the accident.

This is how the public became aware of Harald Gloockler

Harald Gloockler started to stage big shows, with grandiose gowns and world stars. How the public became aware of him. The model for his shows were all the Hollywood movies, especially the way Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo were staged.

In November 1987, he and his partner and manager, Dieter Schroth (73), opened the fashion store "Jeans Garden" in Stuttgart, where they initially sold mainly jeans and shirts designed by Gloockler. Later they changed the name of the fashion store to "Pompoos". In 1990, they both founded a fashion label under the same name.

Gloockler has been in a relationship with his long-time partner Dieter Schroth since he was a teenager. Since 2015 he lives with him in a registered partnership.

I have not created a fashion company, but a complete world. I am unique, independent and successful.

Harald Gloockler, RTL

Harald Gloockler

Harald Gloockler ©IMAGO / Future Image

Harald Gloockler: He had these blatant beauty procedures done before the 2022 jungle camp

Harald Gloockler underwent numerous cosmetic operations to change his face to his own liking. Among other things, he had his cheeks lifted, his lips enlarged and Botox injected. Speaking to the press in March 2019, the designer described himself as a "walking spare parts store". He also claimed to employ an army of makeup artists and own about 200 wigs.

He also had a lot done to him for his participation in the 2022 jungle camp:

I’ve done a complete overhaul, so to speak, and optimized a few things to make my life easier. I’ve had my beard filled in and perfected, my head hair filled in the contour perfected, lips completely filled in, eyeliner and eye shadow drawn, and my eyebrows completely redone.

Harald Gloockler, Instagram

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