Gray hair in men – care, color, styling

We think: Gray hair men do not need to dye, because it suits just about everyone. Provided that the hair is well-groomed and healthy – and that’s easy to do. How exactly, we tell you here. You can also find out which haircuts suit gray hair and what you need to bear in mind when coloring it, should you decide to do so

Gray hair on men is sexy – because: It not only makes you look experienced and confident, but also quite stylish. Provided that the gray hair is maintained, of course. By the way: Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as gray hair. If the content of color pigments decreases, a single hair becomes white or colorless. Merely because of the A mixture of pigmented and pigmentless hair the mop of hair appears gray. What matters when styling gray hair? You can find out exactly here. All those whose head is not yet adorned with silver, now do not have to be sad, but rather can live in cheerful certainty: At some point, everyone sprouts the first white hair!

Gray hair on men – these hairstyles are advantageous

When the color pigments in the hair roots slowly run out, men do not necessarily have to look old. Haircuts that make you look younger, even with gray hair, are one thing above all: short – but better not razor-short. Gray hair wearers should also rather not let their hair grow long.

Instead of fuzzy hairstyles, they should go for the gentlemanly look – and that means: on Haircuts with clear lines like the classic Capri hairstyle or a sporty cut, where the top hair is about three centimeters long and blends evenly into the slightly shorter side and nape sections.

Dyeing gray hair for men – this is how it’s done

Gray hair in men - care, color, styling

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With the right cut and the right care, even gray hair can look healthy and youthful.

Gray hair is trendy for men – no question about it. But especially when the hair grays unevenly or very early, many men consider coloring their gray hair. If you also want to look younger and fresher again, you should choose a product that, firstly to your natural hair color and, secondly, is specially formulated to meet the needs of men’s hair. If you have a rather ashy hair color, your coloring should also have a cool undertone. Permanent colors are also only suitable to a limited extent: With short men’s hairstyles, the contrast between regrowing gray hair and dyed hair can quickly appear too harsh. Better suited light products, tinting gray hair in men without looking unnatural – such as the anti-gray tinting gel, which reliably covers gray hair in just five minutes.

How to care for your gray hair

With age, hair not only loses its color, but also its structure changes: the hair becomes more fragile, finer and more sensitive. Gray hair therefore needs more Care and moisture, not to look dull and lackluster. Products with amino acids build up the hair already from the root. Tip: Use for styling Gel pastes or pomade. These products give gray hair a healthy glow and a well-groomed finish.

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