Good manners – how to set a table in style

This is the best way to set the table

No magic is needed to set a table in a festive and stylish way. With a simple tableware design, matching table linens, appropriate table decorations and a little improvisation, the most amazing table arrangements can be achieved. In these cases, a catering service can also be a good alternative to today’s "do it yourself" mentality. At Prestige Catering, in addition to the entire table setting, there is also an excellent menu offer and an excellently trained and friendly service staff.

The purchase of a porcelain dinner service in white or in discreet monochrome tones is worthwhile in any case, as it can be used just as well for celebrations as in everyday life. Plain colored tableware is a good basis for setting the table and leaves a lot of room for design options in the decoration, and even the cutlery used every day and plain-looking glasses harmonize perfectly with it.

This is the best way to set the table

The space required for a place setting is ideally between 60 cm to 80 cm and for the necessary elbow room to the seat neighbor a distance of 20 cm is recommended. With a large plywood plate, for example, tables that are too small can be easily enlarged, but also several tables can be quickly put together. Differences in height are easily compensated for by similar tablecloths, and to the eye you will still appear unified.

A classic multi-course place setting the place setting centerpiece

The so-called place plate marks the center of the place setting in a classic multi-course dinner service. It serves as a large trivet for the respective food plates that are served in the menu sequence and thus forms the basis for the place settings. The individual pieces of cutlery are placed according to the courses of the meal, with each course requiring an extra piece of cutlery. The two forks usually used in a place setting are always placed to the left, while the various spoons and knives are placed to the right of the plate.

Start with the first course and the cutlery on the very outside, then move one piece of cutlery further to the edge of the plate for each subsequent course. If a bread plate is additionally set, it finds its place to the left of the dinner plate above or to the left of the forks. The cutlery for the dessert is always placed in the center above the place plate. The nicely arranged cloth napkin lies either on the plate or also next to the forks.

Depending on how many courses and which dishes are served, at least two or even three wine glasses and very importantly a water glass are necessary. The three-piece set of glasses usually required is placed in a triangular shape. The glass on the left is for red wine, the lower glass for white wine and the glass on the right is for water. Prestige Catering knows all the tips and tricks for a stylish arrangement of a place setting.

The right decoration creates a great atmosphere

If the table is set for a multi-course meal and the food is served in bowls or on platters, there is often little room for decoration. Matching to the theme table runner, scatter decoration and an extraordinary napkin technique impress but also on small surfaces. In addition, tea lights in colorful glass containers create a pleasant atmosphere. A thrown together tableware also has a special charm, a white tablecloth gives this ambience a certain cohesion. Here, it is better to decorate a little more sparingly. Silver or gold table decorations are the best choice for festive occasions. In addition to the festive look, a tablecloth also protects the tabletop made of delicate materials such as glass or wood.

The right decorations for a romantic dinner

If you are still untrained as a host and do not trust yourself with the decoration of large parties, Prestige Catering will help you to achieve your dream party. At Catering Zurich and surroundings you will receive, in addition to a top-course menu, the appropriate decorations and table settings for a relaxed atmosphere or an exuberant party mood with your colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Good table manners as a respectful gesture towards the host

The classic rule of etiquette at a festive table is to take a seat at the table only after being asked to do so by the host. In addition, the start of taking the meal is based on the other guests. The right time to start eating is when everyone at the table has been served with food. The same applies to drinks. The wine glass should never be raised before all guests have been served a drink. For a good start to a party, the host is usually the first to raise his glass.

It is also respectful to appear at the table with a well-groomed appearance. Clean clothes, combed hair and washed hands are therefore a matter of course. Maintaining an upright posture at the table is part of good table manners, as is refraining from making smacking or slurping noises. Elbows don’t belong on the table any more than both hands belong under the tabletop. Ideally, the hands should rest with the wrists on the edge of the table.

Items and food that are awkward to reach from your seat should be handed to you by the person next to you at your request. You should avoid reaching across the table at all costs. Personal belongings, such as cell phones or lady’s bags, have no place on the table.

Good manners at the table also include talking appropriately. For this purpose, only small portions should be taken with the cutlery, so that in case of conversation you are not forced to speak with a full mouth. It is also important to keep your mouth closed while chewing and to always bring the fork to your mouth, not the other way around.

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