Give the bride and groom money for the wedding 10 creative ideas for wrapping money

Money gift unwrapped

Yes, of course, you can give the bride and groom money – and if the bride and groom want money as a wedding gift, it would be unkind not to comply with this wish. Of course, you don’t just press the bills into the hands of the bride and groom. Just as original and perhaps funny, as the bride and groom expressed the desire for money, the gift should also be wrapped. If you read exactly with what words the couple wants the money or. what it will use the money for, you quickly have an idea for an original package.

How to package a monetary gift in an original, witty, humorous way – and what to write about it!

Example 1 : A "treasure give a gift!

The amount is handed over in pieces of money in a treasure box or a money bag – and you can write that to it:

"Each of you has now a great treasure for a lifetime at his side – a small treasure to consume together quickly we give you in addition!"


"You have found your treasure for life – we have dug up another little treasure for you!"


"We spared no risk and robbed a small bank for you!"

Example 2: A bouquet full of real flowers

Under origami money gifts you can find many ideas to fold bills creatively. Folds z. B. a banknote to a butterfly or a blossom and staples blossom or blossom respectively. Butterfly on a cut flower or on a branch that fits the season. If you consult with other guests, you can create a colorful, valuable "flowers – money – bouquet". Origami-DIY -(DoItYourself)-videos about this can be found abundantly on the net.

Money gift tip 3: Delicacy and money for more!

Gives a delicacy for the gourmet kitchen. This can be. B. be a packet of truffle risotto. Pack the gift of money with a matching lines to it:

"For your kitchen you certainly have everything that is absolutely necessary and will never be needed – from lemon peeler to nut juicer. But this delicacy is surely not yet in your kitchen – and because you get addicted to it – almost as addicted as to love – the necessary amount for the next packages is enclosed right away."

Give away money – suggestions from the net:

Example 4: in little tree on which money grows!

Banknotes can be attached as fruits to a small tree. You can also fold five-euro bills into apples or pears – but please do not do too much violence to the bills! It is also better to cut out fruits from clay paper – if you make two cuts in the fruit, you can insert a folded bill.

Example 5: For love, happiness and blessings!

50 Euro bill in a heart - 50 years of love
50 euro bill in a cloverleaf - 50 years of happiness and blessings

You can "wrap" banknotes in a very simple way! First of all, think about which symbol fits the situation (wedding ceremony) or the occasion. suits the bride and groom. Draw this symbol on clay paper and cut it out of clay paper. Two slots now allow to insert a banknote. This is simple and looks very appealing. Of course you put the Sybol with the banknote still in an envelope"

Example 6: Money bill in a small book!

Small book, from which a banknote

Why not buy a gift booklet on the theme of love?. (The little book shown here is best given as a gift before the wedding – ideal for the engagement ceremony. The contained texts such as Liebeserklarunge and wedding vows can use the bride and groom then for the wedding ceremony.) Put the banknote in it and write a few sentences to it. On my page ‘’ I show some small, beautiful, inexpensive wedding gift books and in addition texts that you can write into it, like these:

"In this booklet your love will find words and pictures – enjoy them and let them remind you of your "yes" again and again remember to each other." /"Great love does not have to become smaller; it can even grow constantly. I wish you a lot of imagination to inspire the love again and again, if it should become lame sometimes. As a little help I give you this booklet. It shows to which wonderful heights the love can rise again and again."

Example 7: For the honeymoon – amount of money and travel guide!

When the money z. B. as an allowance for the honeymoon is desired, so it can be packed together with the appropriate travel guide or a book with the best travel tips. Caution: Maybe other guests have this idea – of course, the couple does not need five identical guidebooks! Or put together a small original travel guide yourself; the Internet makes it possible!

Wrapping money Tip 8: Creative shopping bag

Design a shopping bag yourself. Emblems of the various stores where the bride and / or groom like to shop, decorate this bag as a collage. The necessary cash is in the form of coins in the bag or is distributed in various small boxes.

Important: You have to write a couple of funny sentences to the money gift!

Example 9: Something small for the kitchen

Maybe tie the money bills to a small or useless household item – rolled up and tied with a bow or in a small envelope. Of course, you write a few sentences to the gift of money!

"You already have your household together – but this second cooking spoon with the ‘special spices’ you can certainly still use – to stir together in the soup and for more common experiences!"

"When there are heavy nuts to crack, the nutcracker in one hand helps a lot – and the cash from many hands also helps a bit!"

Example 10: love goes through the stomach

Print a small romantic story or a few sayings about love on a noble sheet of paper; roll this sheet and attach the banknote to it with a bow:

"Dear words and romantic stories make happy like chicken soup, they say in America. Here are the kind words and something else – for endless chicken soup."

Packing money – suggestion 11: Sun, sea and pocket money

Build a beach – either as a collage or in a cardboard box using sand, collected shells and small deck chairs and a cardboard sun:

"This is how we imagine you on your honeymoon, with sun, sea and beach – and the necessary pocket money!"

Even more money gift tips from the net:

Ideas for origami money gifts from books and the Internet

Money is wrapped in an original way – best suited to the desired purpose of the money – or the bills are folded creatively. If yourselves with the topic "money creatively give away" Or "Origami Money Gifts" would like to deal in more detail, I recommend this book:

And here:

And if you haven’t found an idea on our site yet, take a look there: Because numerous very descriptive step-by-step instructions for folding banknotes to gifts we have also on discovered.

Should you give money as a wedding gift at all?

Giving money as a gift did not belong in the past! A sum of money was considered unloving, as if to show: "We have not thought of a personal gift – and we have not made much effort!" This has changed fundamentally! It is rather unloving not to give money if the couple wishes for some! The bridal couple will already communicate with the wedding invitation, what they want as a gift for the wedding. Other couples include a gift list or point to a wedding table they provide in a store or online. Then one fulfills naturally this desire.

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