Gifts for 1-2 year olds

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LEGO® DUPLO 2304 Large building plate, green 2

Gifts for 1. Birthday – gift ideas that will delight children

Giving things as gifts is simply great fun. There is nothing better than to look into the happy faces of the recipient and be happy with them. Especially children make it great friends to receive gifts and unwrap them. But to make children’s eyes really shine, the same question arises every year:

"What should I just give?"Many are each time again completely at a loss what to give their loved ones on special occasions, such as the birthday or Christmas. Original, practical and beautiful should be the perfect gift. Not so easy. Just let yourself be inspired by our gift tips! Toys, fashion and other great gift ideas for kids you can buy at myToys uncomplicated and cheap online.

Whether Christmas or birthday – nice ideas for gifts for the 1. birthday

You want to give a child a special treat with a gift for the 1. Birthday make, but have no creative gift idea? This is the case not only for those who, for example, are looking for a gift for the birthday party of a kindergarten acquaintance of their child, but often also closer relatives who know the birthday child better themselves. Because it is not so easy to find a suitable gift for the 1. birthday. Often they already own a lot of toys and you are afraid to choose something twice. Often, however, their tastes change very quickly, so that last year’s favorite is no longer current. Then there is perhaps the requirement to want to give something educationally valuable.

For the age group from 1 year, for example, toys are particularly well suited, where shapes are sorted or building blocks are stacked. Children of this age, who are already able to concentrate on such tasks for a long time, have a lot of fun doing this and also train important skills such as spatial imagination and dexterity.

Also conducive to the feel of your child at the age of one year, are mobiles and play mats. With them, children of a very young age can occupy themselves lying down, while mom and dad can sit relaxed next to them and pay attention. The colorful playmates, which hang either from threads or from the play bow, make children’s eyes light up and arouse their curiosity.

Cuddly toys and dolls are also popular gifts for the 1st birthday. birthday. Sometimes they accompany the child for a large part of their life and become an indispensable favorite item. A gift idea with which you can do guaranteed nothing wrong and will always score points.

To collect first puzzle experiences, there are already for the very small wooden puzzle with which the motor skills can also be trained. So you not only make the children a friend, but support with the gift gleichzeitigeine positive development of the child.

Gifts for 1. Birthday simply order online

You are looking for a nice gift for the 1. Birthday? In our online store you will find a wide selection of beautiful toys, which you can filter by age and gender. You can browse in the comfort of your own home and make a targeted, relaxed selection. Whether doll, cuddly toy or toy for the bathtub – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by the great gift tips and find original gift ideas that will inspire the child and the parents. So Christmas or the next birthday can come!

Toys and other great gifts for the 1. You can order birthday presents quickly, cheaply and easily at myToys. Our trained customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your purchase. With rummaging and shopping the team of myToys wishes you much fun!

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