Getting to know women in 4 steps

Getting to know women

Getting to know women? Don’t do it casually, among friends or in the company? – Yes, but are these the women you are really interested in?? Read this article and find out how you can meet the really attractive women in 4 steps.

You would like to meet more women? Either because you are looking for your dream woman or because you want more exciting adventures with beautiful women?

Don’t leave it to chance whether and with which women you are together. You don’t have to start something with a woman just because she is the only single lady at your workplace or because your buddy’s girlfriend wants to set you up with her best friend.

You have it in your own hands which women you let into your life.

In my mentoring program, men learn to do just that: they learn to value themselves and seduce the women they really like.

These are the steps you have to take if you want to meet attractive women.

1. Appeal to women

There is no way around it. If you want to meet a woman, you have to approach her. Because she will not.

If she finds you attractive, she will send you a few signals at most. To recognize these, you must be especially attentive.

The best thing to do is simply approach all the women you like. Nobody can show a hundred percent success rate. But if you approach more ladies, you will have more success – as banal as this may sound.

Yes, I know, it may not be that easy for you to approach women. Not yet! Because you can overcome your fear of approach.

Like? – There is only one way: approach women.

To do this, start slowly. If you have a very big fear of approaching, start greeting strangers first – no matter who it is. You will notice how you become more relaxed in dealing with people. If you feel comfortable with this, you can also approach the prettier women.

Tips against approach anxiety, man and woman on park bench

2 tips against your approach anxiety

The best places to meet women

You want to meet a woman, but you don’t know where to go? Here you’ll learn the best places to approach women – promising tactics included!

Meet a woman on the train

Many professionals commute by train day after day – including quite a few attractive single women. An ideal place therefore, where you can meet women.

Just sit down with a crossword puzzle opposite a woman you like. After a few minutes you can innocently ask her for small help and engage her in a conversation – it’s that easy!

Get to know a woman while shopping

Go to a clothing store and look for a lady who is looking for clothes on her own.

Take a piece from the men’s department, go up to her and ask her if she thinks it’s okay for an art show. She will be happy to help you.

She will ask you questions about the art exhibition. Then you can ask her if she likes art and if she would like to come with you. And you are ready for your first date. Just make sure that this art exhibition is real and interesting.

Getting to know a woman at sports

Yoga or dance classes – in all these sports there is an above average quota of women. No wonder you can meet a lot of attractive ladies here.

Fitness studios are also very suitable for a first meeting. Often a sense of community develops in sports groups and you also meet outside, make a Christmas dinner, go out for a drink together or there is at least once a WhatsApp group.

So you get to know the ladies very quickly. But be careful to show your interest from the beginning. Otherwise you will end up very quickly in the friendship track.

Meet new women at university

Every year, thousands of freshmen are drawn to the university – most female students sit in lectures on German or pedagogy. Therefore it is worthwhile to stop by the celebrations of the respective faculties.

If you are particularly committed, you can also sit down in the lecture and choose women to approach afterwards.

Meet a woman in the park

If you have a dog, then you know how quickly you can start a conversation with people when you walk your dog.

If you don’t have a dog, borrow one and experience it for yourself. Animal shelters are usually happy to have volunteer walkers.

Small dogs or puppies are optimal! But you can also attract a lot of attention with a big, flashy dog. But then make sure that the dog is well trained and walks at heel. Go to the park with the dog and the rest will go by itself.

Meet women on the street

This may sound a little strange at first sight. Getting to know a woman on the street is much easier than you think.

Compliments about her appearance are always well received, for example, about her beautiful top or her chic coat. Everything else can come up very quickly.

2. Have a conversation with a woman

Much more than the approach itself, many men worry about how to proceed from there.

Because again, it is your job to start a conversation with the woman and lead it.

You can prepare yourself a bit. For example, think of questions and little stories you can tell. However, most conversation topics happen out of the situation.

So be attentive to what is going on around you and listen to her carefully. If things are going well, she’ll tell you something you can connect with and then you’ll tell her something she can connect with. And you will have an interesting conversation.

Flirt properly

Impress women in conversation – How to get every woman on your lips

The art of small talk

A slightly older but still relevant video:

3. Arrange a date

You have a conversation with a woman. You enjoy it and the chemistry seems to be right. If you want to get to know this woman further, you must not forget this step: Set up a date with her.

BUT: Never call it a "date".

The best is if you manage to spend some time with her right on the spot. This means, for example, if you immediately invite them for coffee to continue the conversation, or if you ask them at the mall to help you find a suitable outfit for a certain occasion.

But if you want to see the woman again in the future, then you have to arrange a meeting with her.

How to ask for a date

How to ask for a date? – 10 steps

The best places for the first date

What invitation to the first date women hear the most? – "Let’s go for a coffee sometime". Such an invitation is not just unoriginal. It also leads very quickly to a rejection.

Why? – Because many women don’t want to invest their time in another boring date.

But what if you don’t ask her out at all, just suggest some activities you could do together?? This will take the pressure off the woman. It doesn’t feel like a date to her and, depending on what you choose, she has a lot of fun doing it.

Here are a few places that are ideal for the first date:

4. Getting a phone number

You might be wondering why this step comes after the "date" step, and not before it.

Well, the simple reason is that it’s a piece of cake to get a woman’s phone number if you’ve already talked about meeting her again. It doesn’t have to be a firm date, just talking about an activity you could do together sometime is enough.

For example, she mentioned that she has a dog, and since you have one too, it’s a good idea to take the dogs to the park together sometime. Of course, for this to happen, you have to exchange your numbers.

Didn’t you find a suitable moment in the conversation to suggest a meeting? No worries. Ask her for her phone number anyway. She can’t say more than "no". If you don’t ask them, you’re in the same place you were before. So what’s the point of not asking for the phone number? If you ask her, there is at least a chance that she will give you the number.

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