Getting in a good mood: how to lift your spirits

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What makes a good mood? Tips to lighten your mood are particularly popular during generally difficult times, but they are also useful for those who are in a good mood. However, all people are in a bad mood sometimes. You don’t have to spoil your own day with it. Read here how to lift your spirits and get back in a good mood.

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How to get in a good mood?

Surely everyone is in a bad mood sometimes. Often, little things like too little sleep, criticism from the boss or a thoughtless word from your partner are enough to dampen your mood for a long time.

But bad moods are fortunately not preprogrammed in everyday life or in extreme situations. There are many tips for distraction, with which you can lighten your mood and get back in a good mood again.

Try out what suits you best, or rather, what works well for you. And always remember: the key to good mood and cheerfulness lies within yourself. You are not helplessly at the mercy of your moods, but can actively do something to get in a good mood!

Good mood tips: that makes you cheerful!

How to get in a good mood? The following ideas for distraction in a bad mood provide answers to this question and show how you can get back into a good mood:

Listening to music

Listen to your favorite music to distract yourself from negative thoughts and stimulate the release of the so-called happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin. But what music puts you in a good mood?

You know best – choose music that you know will improve your mood. This is mostly good mood music with upbeat rhythm and cheerful melody.

But also sad, melancholic pieces can lift your mood. Especially if they make us nostalgic and remind us of beautiful moments, for example, in childhood and adolescence. The most important thing is that you like the songs you listen to. Otherwise you will not be in a good mood.

Be creative

Get creative. You can brighten your mood, for example, by painting a picture, playing an instrument, singing, knitting, cooking or doing handicrafts. You will quickly notice how the creative work captures your attention and distracts you from your bad mood.

Do sports

Sports can lighten the mood, because exercise is good for body and soul. Whether it’s jogging, hiking, biking, yoga, tap dancing, or fitness workouts, regular physical activity reduces stress and bad feelings and stimulates the release of happy hormones.

All it takes is 15 minutes of intense exercise, such as running, or an hour of quiet activity, such as walking. Even small amounts of "exercise," such as taking the stairs here and stretching the body there, add up over the course of the day and help to get or keep in a good mood.

Actively relax

You can lighten your mood with targeted relaxation exercises. Autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson or meditation exercises are recommended.

Relaxation and distraction can also be provided by a good book or a stimulating movie. Naturopaths also recommend relaxing with the help of aromatherapy. For example, certain essential oils are said to have a relaxing, mood-boosting effect, including lavender, orange, bergamot and sandalwood.

Maintain contacts

Joint activities with friends and acquaintances are balm for the soul and are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Whether you’re playing sports together, visiting an exhibition, cooking, going out to eat, or having a game night – sharing with friends and loved ones helps to get in a good mood and is extremely important for our well-being.

Start something new

Effective good mood strategies include trying something you’ve never done before.

How about a skydive, for example? A ride in a hot air balloon? A salsa dancing class or a weekend sailing trip?

Think calmly about what interests you and get going – you’ll see how new impulses are a good way to distract yourself and brighten your mood.

Pay attention to your diet

What else can be done against bad moods, respectively for good moods, mainly concerns the nutritional style. Make sure you have a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids, especially water and unsweetened teas.

Some vitamins and trace elements are even considered natural mood lifters. Make sure you consume these substances in sufficient quantities.

Brighten your mood with these natural good-mood makers:

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine): According to a scientific study, high doses of vitamin B1 brighten the mood. Thiamine is abundant in whole-grain products such as whole-grain bread, oatmeal and brown rice. Legumes such as beans, peas and lentils as well as soy are also rich in vitamin B1.
  • Vitamin D: The body produces the so-called sun vitamin when exposed to sunlight. This is why you should be outdoors on a regular basis. This also applies to overcast days, when the sun’s rays reach your skin in lower concentrations, but still.
  • Zinc: The body needs the trace element to produce the "happiness hormone" serotonin. A zinc deficiency sometimes has a negative effect on your mood. Zinc is found, for example, in oatmeal, Brazil nuts and lentils.
  • Selenium: Selenium also brightens your mood, according to a study. The trace element is also needed to produce serotonin. Good sources of selenium include mushrooms, legumes, broccoli, white cabbage, asparagus, garlic and onions.

Get in a good mood: Stop the carousel of thoughts

Low mood is often the result of negative thought processes, which sooner or later lead to a downward emotional spiral. Typical for such a carousel of thoughts are depreciating, self-denigrating, guilt-assigning thoughts, which keep building up and can eventually lead to acute moods and bad moods.

But it is possible to stop the carousel of thoughts: Show yourself an imaginary stop sign as soon as you notice that your thoughts are running hot. Let the thoughts pass, don’t dwell on them, but try to let them go. How to improve your mood.

This works best if you distract yourself early on. Suggestions for this can be found in the good mood tips listed above. Use these distraction ideas whenever your mood threatens to tip and you’re wondering how to get back in a good mood.

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