Getting dog house trained – methods, tips and tricks

When a puppy moves into the house, then you must inevitably reckon with the fact that the little dog has his bladder not yet one hundred percent under control. Even if an older dog enriches the future family life, it can happen that this is not yet housebroken. Which methods, tips and tricks there are, so that one can get the dog house-trained, we would like to point out to you now.

Getting the dog house trained – tips and tricks

Training from the first day must be

It is always advised to take a vacation as soon as a puppy comes into the house. At least one of the puppy’s caregivers should always be at home, and there is a reason for that. In order to get the dog housebroken, the newly born dog owner needs a lot of time.

Especially in the first few days, the master and mistress will spend most of their time constantly running outside with the dog, so that the little four-legged friend can do his business outside nicely.

The rule of thumb is: "After every meal, after every nap and after every exciting game, the dog must go out."Puppies have a very small bladder and can’t really hold and control their pee yet. About every 2 hours the dog has to go out.

How often the dog must, can be explained by a small mnemonic formula:

  • Puppies up to the age of 3 months must go out every 2 hours.
  • At the age of three to four months, puppies can hold their bladders for about three hours.
  • With an age of five to six months this already works for four hours.

The choice of the ideal place

At the beginning you should go with the dog constantly to the same place, where he may and should empty himself. This place should be quiet, so that the animal can also relax and likes to solve. It is also important to train him a place where he can do his business later on.

So playgrounds, sandboxes and sidewalks should be taboo during the learning phase as well. Highly frequented streets do not contribute to the fact that the quadruped can solve itself in peace. If he is distracted too much by other influences, he likes to forget that he has to. Also, no dog owner should expect the dog to do its business immediately and on command.

Even if the two hours are over and nothing has happened in the house, then it often takes a while outdoors until the animal can actually. Here, too, you should be patient, let the pelt-nose sniff and still wait consistently until the goal is reached. If it has finally worked, joyful praise is again paramount.

It is important that the puppy is carried outside quickly in the beginning. Later, however, he should go out himself, so that he remembers the way and associates it with the big and small business. It will not take long and the little rascal, as soon as the bladder presses, will run excitedly to the door by itself.

Treats accelerate the learning process

As an attentive dog owner, you will quickly find out which treats will give your four-legged friend a special treat. Exactly this reward the quadruped receives exclusively, if he succeeded in his business at the desired place. Thus, the dog always associates this with something positive and wants to achieve this reward every time.

In addition to the treats, the dog must always be showered with joyful words. For this purpose, the master and mistress should adopt a bright and high-pitched tone and can talk to the dog calmly in a kind of baby talk. At the same time, praise the dog as if he had just found the formula for world peace.

You should also get into the habit of animating the dog with very specific commands. Like commands for "sit" and "down", the four-legged friend also learns quite quickly to respond to a command such as "pee" or "do it".

The right behavior at night

Dogs are absolutely clean creatures and no matter whether puppy or adult dog, nobody would like to soil voluntarily its own Bettchen. It is best to let the dog sleep now in a box, a high cardboard box, a large and cozy plastic tub or behind a gate.

It is important that this sleeping place is made really pleasant and comfortable and is equipped with blankets and pillows. If the quadruped now feels during the night that he must, he will announce himself guaranteed. For this it is naturally important that they are heard by master and mistress also.

The sleeping place of the dog should now be within earshot of the human bedroom. If it happens more often that the dog calls at night and is not heard, he loses confidence in his owner. Then this method could be absolutely counterproductive.

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How to housebreak even adult dogs

Even if you take in an adult dog, you can’t expect it to know directly where to do its business. That is why it is important to take enough time for the period of moving in.

An adult dog can usually manage three to four walks a day without having to do his business in the house. To do this, however, one should get to know the behavior of the animal and know when he has to go.

Who has taken in a fearful, adult dog, must first work on the confidence. Here, too, patience and lots of love are obligatory. Especially with these dogs you have to watch out for all signs that might say: "Mistress I have to go to the bathroom".

Meals should also be well coordinated with the last round of walks. If you feed your dog for the last time at 10 p.m. in the evening and don’t take him outside after half an hour, don’t be surprised about a mishap. It is best to feed the dogs for the last time in the early evening and take a last walk just before going to bed.

Summary: Absolute Dos and Dont’s of the education


If the business is done outside, the exuberant praise of the puppy is mandatory. Also, the little one can be additionally rewarded with a treat.

In case of a mishap is announced. It is best to clean the spot with vinegar or hygiene cleaner.

If the dog is already more than 4 or 5 months old and has learned first commands, then you should still comment on his misbehavior with a "No", "Off", "Fie" or something similar.


If now and then something goes wrong, the small dog must not be dipped with the nose in his puddle under any circumstances. This only ensures that he becomes confused and may react fearfully. This method can even be the trigger for the dog to suddenly become a so-called fear dog, which always pees itself in frightening situations.

Punishment can also be to blame if the dog can’t and won’t disengage during hours of walking. He is now constantly afraid of being punished for his business and will only do this when he feels unobserved.

Conclusion: Getting the dog housebroken

Training with a small and young dog usually only takes a few weeks. In most cases it is relatively stress-free to get the dog housetrained. Most animals themselves do not like to soil their own environment and are guaranteed not to do it on purpose in the house.

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