Freeze poultry, fish and meat? This is the right way!

Info about freezing meat, fish and poultry searched? Here you can find an overview on freezing fish and meat.

Freeze poultry, fish and meat? This is the right way!

Who attaches importance to good meat with safe origin information, often falls back on regional products and buys at the local butcher / slaughterer at slaughter time not infrequently ¼ or ½ beef or pork and will then freeze the meat. But is every meat equally suitable for freezing? And what about poultry and fish?? This article gives a brief overview of freezing meat and fish. For detailed information you will find in this section some articles that take a closer look at certain types of meat.

Freezing meat

Basically, before freezing the meat should be well hung to have later no tough, leathery chops or cutlets on the plate.

Raw cutlets sliced open - freeze meat

You should let the meat hang out for about 5-6 days at about +2°C before you start freezing it. Do not freeze pieces of meat that are too thick. They take too long to freeze and also to thaw and often cannot be eaten all at once. Repeated freezing after thawing should (not only) be avoided with meat. The quality suffers too much here and germs can cause problems.

In general, when freezing meat, fatty meat is less durable and edible than lean meat. Therefore, beef usually keeps a few months longer than the fattier pork.

Make sure that you only freeze meat in good and tight freezer packaging, as the slightest damage can quickly cause freezer burn and make the meat inedible. Always take meat from the supermarket out of the original packaging and freeze it in appropriate containers.

Minced meat has a very limited shelf life. Even in the freezer, you should use up the chopped meat after about one month. Similar storage times also apply to offal or sausages containing particularly high levels of fat or similar products.

Freezing fish

Self-caught fish should be bled very well before freezing and then best pre-frozen on a tray / tray without packaging

Fish arranged on a serving platter - freeze fish

to then freeze the fillets or fish in freezer bags in a space-saving and non-sticky way. Freezing fish does not last very long either. The fat in fish goes rancid quite quickly. Therefore, fish should be frozen only approx. Store 3-4 months in the freezer (especially lean fish will last twice that time). Depending on size, small fish can be frozen whole after gutting.

When buying sea fish, make sure that the cold chain is not interrupted to allow good storage times and exclude health hazards.

Freezing poultry

Poultry leg arranged on a plate - raw - poultry einfreiren

If you want to freeze poultry, you should store the freshly slaughtered animal in the refrigerator for 1 day after plucking and gutting to avoid the meat becoming tough and fibrous later on. The duration of storage for frozen poultry depends again on the fat content in the animals. Especially fat animals should be consumed after about 3-4 months, lean poultry may well be frozen 10- 12 months.

Especially when freezing meat, it should be said that good labeling on the portions is a "must". It is often very difficult to tell if it is a steak or pieces for goulash when frozen. If you want to avoid nasty surprises here, label properly ;-)

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