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High-quality texts are indispensable in online marketing, for example, to inform website visitors about a product or a specific topic. Only really good texts are able to convince the reader and thus motivate him to take action such as buying a product. But what makes a good text at all?

Successful texts are u.a. characterized by the fact that the reader finds clearly structured content and that the topic is treated in a self-contained manner and without unnecessary rambling. Helpful texts concentrate on the essential points of the content and thus guide the visitor in his reading flow. When writing SEO and online marketing texts, you should also make sure to answer possible questions of the reader and clearly communicate real unique selling points. You should always try to provide the reader with a real added value through your content as well as through its preparation and align the entire process of content creation with the needs of the user.

A Target group and content analysis helps you to find the right tone and approach for your readers. In order for your texts to be read with pleasure and to be easily understandable, the right wording (choice of words) is also important. For example, product pages that are geared towards sales must clearly communicate this to the reader with additional terms such as "buy" or "online store". Correct spelling and grammar are also mandatory and are expected by Google and users alike!

If all of these factors are taken into account, a text analysis must be used to finally determine how the Comprehensibility of the content stands: What demands does the text make on the reader? How easy it is to capture the content? These questions are answered by Readability index (LESIX) in a mathematical way answers.

LESIX – An analysis tool for texts

The readability index (short: LESIX) is a method for text analysis, with which the Comprehensibility of a text is assessed on the basis of certain measured values. This includes, in particular, the word and sentence length as well as the number of syllables. But passive sentences, modal verbs or unnecessary filler words also factor into the rating.

To calculate the LESIX as a numerical value, the Flesch method was developed. The higher the value, the easier it is to understand the text. A well understandable text will have a value between 60 and 70 in the calculation with the analysis tool for text. Following the LESIX ratings based on the Flesch score:

0-20 Very sophisticated (Academic) General terms and conditions, doctoral theses, legal texts
21-40 Heavy (high school graduates) Technical texts, feature articles
41-60 Average (vocational school) Fiction, newspaper
61-80 Easy to understand (secondary school) Instructions, tabloids, advertising texts
81-100 Very easy (11-year-old students) Comics, simple slogans

The LESIX is therefore primarily intended to assess the comprehensibility of texts for people. However, this does not guarantee the success of your texts, because search engines evaluate your content partly according to other criteria. One Keyword and content analysis is therefore also indispensable for writing successful texts. Special tools are available for this purpose, such as.B. the WDF*IDF tool at. The big challenge when writing texts for online stores or service providers is to find the right wording Combine requirements of human readers and search engines. Text content should be adapted to the preferred language style of the target group as well as to the respective company and at the same time clarify the relevance of the text for a certain keyword to search engines. Particularly high-quality content for human readers is usually characterized by a high dwell time of the readers on the page, which in turn has a positive effect on the assessment of the page by search engines.

How to create high-quality texts

Google’s basic advice to webmasters is "Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines". But what do users want? In addition to entertainment, search engine users may, for example, be looking for information or products. Accordingly, after an executed search, they have certain expectations from the search results, resp. the websites listed there. This can include information about a product, company or brand as well as guides, help or answers to specific questions.

So that users don’t have to laboriously extract this information from your website, you should be aware of the following points when creating texts:

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