Forgotten cell phone password: a nightmare

If the cell phone password is forgotten, protection can sometimes be circumvented

If the cell phone password has been forgotten, sometimes the protection can be bypassed.

The cell phone is our everyday companion. Likewise, the number combinations, passwords and patterns with which the devices are secured against unauthorized access accompany us. All the greater is the shock when you Cell phone password once forgotten have. Then good advice seems expensive.

Although the phones are protected from unauthorized access, the Developer come up with ways to keep a phone from becoming worthless just because the owner forgot the Forgotten password for your cell phone has. Depending on the manufacturer there are different ways, to unlock the phone without password and regain access.

In this guide we will present some ways to protect your cell phone, Without your password to know, be able to unlock. In addition, here you will learn how to set up the moment be able to prepare, where you have to admit to yourself: "I forgot my cell phone password."

The same applies to passwords on cell phones: better prevention than cure

In order to be able to immediately send a notification in the situation when you have forgotten your cell phone password simple solution to have at hand, there are a few ways to be prepared. The multitude of passwords that even an average citizen has to remember can quickly lead to one or the other getting lost. Together with the Requirements to a secure password for each individual account and Any important device comes the desire to write down the password for cell phone, email, online banking, online shopping and everything else.

The password memory

Forgetting the cell phone password in the safe does not pose a problem

Forgetting the cell phone password in the safe is not a problem.

A popular and secure method the own Manage passwords, is the password safe. Various vendors distribute free or paid software that can store all passwords stored encrypted in the computer become. The passwords for other devices and accounts can then also be stored there.

If you now forget your password unlocking the phone is not a problem. A short A look into the digital safe and your memory gets the necessary refresher. Of course under the condition that you only forget your cell phone password and not the master password.

Store addresses for security

One another option is the connection of cell phone and email account. Some manufacturers allow Online connection the device with the corresponding account. Notifications about blocking and the like are then forwarded to them. Especially prominent is the Device manager from Google.

This can connect to phones from Android. After this Connection set up is, if the cell phone password is forgotten, you can simply set up a new one via the Internet. This device manager not only allows you to Password from the cell phone to change, but it can also be used to locate the phone if it is lost or stolen was.

If the access is gone, what can be done?

Should you find yourself in the unfavorable situation find that you have forgotten your cell phone password and are not using a password safe or any insecure method to store your passwords, nor are you using any Connect to a control platform there are still a few options. Unfortunately, many of these methods can be reset the device connected, which will erase all data from the phone.

Device from Samsung and the cell phone password forgotten. What now?

In the case of Samsung devices, there is the above-mentioned possibility of a connection to the Google account create. Then, if you forget the cell phone password, you can Samsung cell phone Unlock via Internet. This procedure presupposes that a corresponding connection to the Google account has. Afterwards this is no longer possible.

Another option available if you forget your Samsung cell phone password is the company’s own "Find my mobile" option. This option can both locate and unlock the phone. With this Samsung wants to protect the devices and the users from Loss or theft protect.

Other providers, similar solutions

The cell phone password is safe in the safe and can be forgotten without consequences

the cell phone password is safe in the safe and can be forgotten without consequences.

Also with other providers is the possibility to unlock the phone in different ways. Usually it is not a problem if they have forgotten the mobile password. With the iPhone, you can simply connect the device to your iTunes and from there you can use the maintenance options remove the lock.

The Forgotten cell phone password is with Huawei likewise in the fewest cases a problem. Again, it is possible to unlock the password via the Internet and the connection to Google. The necessary connection is usually When setting up the phone made.

In the worst case: reset the device

If none of the above methods is feasible for you, remains only one option, if you have the Forgotten password have. Resetting the phone is then the only chance. This deletes all data and the Manufacturing state restored. With different devices, you proceed differently:

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