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Hello, I’m Jan and on my site I’ll explain to you how making money on the Internet works. How you can quickly earn 100-150 € a month online without any problems. Over time, of course, more is possible! With the earning options I recommend, it is possible for everyone to build up a permanent, (passive) side income after a certain period of time! If you want to get rich overnight without working. yes then I can tell you already now: you need a lot of luck and have to play the lottery! It does not work any other way! If you had no luck with the lottery so far, then look around best here.

Anyone can earn money on the Internet

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Make money binary options

Earn money on the internet with binary options. Are binary options serious? Can I really earn as much money there as the advertising promises??

I have investigated the myth of binary options and created a realistic test report for you, what is possible and what is definitely NOT possible.


"successful-money-earning-on-the-internet.info" Is one of the most reputable platforms in the German-speaking world to guide Internet users who want to make money online on the right path. On my journey Online Geld Verdienen – Was funktioniert wirklich I recommend all prospective customers, who seriously want to earn money online, to make themselves smart here."

Lars Pilawski, Berlin

Who writes here?

I’m Jan and I’ve been working on the topic of earning money in the I nterne t since 2012 .

Author Earn money online

I would like to show you on my blog how you can quickly and easily earn money online. It’s not about how you can quit your job right away, but how you can create a side income that will earn you 150-200€ a month for the time being. So that your wallet is not always empty at the end of the month!

Some possibilities, such as blogging or binary options, are of course suitable in the long term to earn significantly more. But this is then connected with a lot of work. Therefore I concentrate here mainly on the things in which you do not have to invest anything. Neither money nor extreme time!

My promise

Since there are also many black sheep when it comes to earning money on the Internet, I hereby give you a promise: On my site you will find only selected and tested providers. You can rely on seriousness and quality.

You will not become rich with the sites recommended here, but an additional income with minimal work is definitely achievable for everyone (or woman).

Do not trust any of the following offers:

  • You are promised thousands of Euros a month without having to work for it. A computer earns it for you in your sleep. Or you only have to click on a few advertising banners a day! FINGER AWAY. (MAPS, Boniup, GPA are also part of it)!)
  • The other variant is that someone wants to sell you the super secret formula for earning money on the Internet for 10 to 100 euros, as the TOP-SECRET information that supposedly no one else will tell you. Honestly, you would have to sell information for a few euros if you already knew how to become filthy rich without much work on the Internet? Hardly. Therefore do not fall for it! And every now and then on my list "better stay away from that". Stop by. There you can find the guaranteed unserious sites.

Other ways to earn money on the Internet

Can everyone earn money online?

Basically everyone can earn money on the Internet. However, you need to bring a few simple basic requirements:

  • You do not expect to become rich overnight and without work. This only works with the lottery or if you have a 100 year old millionaire today or. marry a 100 year old millionaire. Chances that she or he will not survive the wedding night are high!
  • Making money on the internet works. But often a single method brings only 50 to 100€ a month. You can’t replace a salaried job with it, at least not in the short term!
  • At the beginning your goal must be to increase the monthly cash. In the long run it depends on how much time and work you want to invest.
  • Also in the Internet applies MOSTLY: More work = More money

You see, you need eigtl. no preconditions, you just must not have unrealistic expectations!

Are the possibilities presented here suitable for you??

The possibilities presented here to earn money on the Internet are suitable for you, if:

  • you are looking for a serious home-based job, for which you don’t need any special qualifications and your earnings depend only on your diligence and the time you put in.
  • you would like to earn money on the Internet without any obligations, from the comfort of your own home.
  • the Internet is your hobby and you want to make money on the Internet with your computer.

If this applies to you, then I can help you further! All recommended programs are 100% serious and you can earn money online on the Internet and improve your household budget!

Anyone can earn money on the Internet! There is not one way, but many to create a home income! You will not become rich, but you are not under pressure of time or work and the effort is very limited.

You need absolutely zero prior knowledge for most of it, the only thing you need is some patience and diligence!

Advantages of earning money on the Internet

The advantages of earning money on the Internet are obvious:

  1. Advantage: You can earn money from home in home work.
  2. Advantage: you do not make any commitments.
  3. Advantage: You have absolutely no upfront costs with reputable providers.
  4. Advantage: You can determine your activity yourself and are time independent and unbound.
  5. Advantage: You become more independent from your job and have a larger financial margin at the end of the month!

Earn money on the Internet can perform basically everyone – students, housewives, pensioners, etc.

You must always keep in mind that even small amounts of money add up.

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