Earn money: 50 tips to earn money with home work, classic or online

Many of us dream of making money working from home. Some people as a main job, but some people want to earn some money on the side, simply as an extra income.

The good news: In recent years, thanks to digitization, a whole host of new opportunities have emerged for the Earn money opens. If you want to earn money quickly, you probably won’t be happy with a conventional side job. But there are other possibilities, which are of course always associated with a certain risk or require a lot of skill, talent and effort. In any case, the opportunities to earn money from home have improved significantly.

We have for you the 50 best tips collected, how you can earn money offline, but also online, and divide them into different categories. Of course, some of our tips for making money overlap between two or more categories now and then.

Our categories are:

Of course, not all of our tips will fit you. Some opportunities for extra income will even seem ridiculous to you. But they shouldn’t be – depending on your age, stage of life, experience, talents or time, there are other ways to earn money available to you.

If you don’t want to take a part-time job, but would still like to have more money, you should look into the topic of saving money. Here we have compiled the best 100 tips to save money for you.

Our top tips for earning money

1. Earn money with online surveys

You are on the way to work, school or university and spend your time in the meantime in the social network of your choice? Then you might as well use the time to participate in online surveys and earn money with it

Taking part in online surveys is a great way to earn money online. Many companies are very interested in finding out what consumers think of products and service offerings. Therefore, more and more market research is being done. With Toluna and Meinungsplatz.at you will find a variety of different surveys that are paid depending on the duration of the survey.

Supplier Link Marketing Countries
Toluna to the provider Austria🇦🇹 Germany🇩🇪
Opinion site.at to the supplier Austria🇦🇹
Ipsos EN to the provider Germany🇩🇪
Ipsos CH to the provider Switzerland🇨🇭

Earn money with online surveys

2. Earn money with tutoring

More and more parents are spending a lot of money to pay for tutoring for their children. This is the ideal condition for you to earn a lot of money with tutoring. Of course, it is important that you are very good at something or that you can. you know very well in a subject in which there is also a need. A classic example is mathematics.
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Tutoring can be the ideal part-time job for you. For students it can be even more than just a part-time job. You can either try to offer tutoring yourself or start working for a tutoring school. Depending on the chosen variant and provider differs the amount and type of your salary. A great aspect of part-time tutoring is that you can be relatively flexible with your time, but you’ll be earning money all the time.

Earn money as a newspaper carrier

3. Become a newspaper deliverer in Salzburg and fulfill your wishes

As a newspaper deliverer you work independently and are on the road early in the morning in a certain area of Salzburg, so that the subscribers can enjoy their newspaper already at the breakfast table.
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Earn money as a fundraiser

4. Do a holiday job as a fundraiser

You are a student or pupil, between 18 and 24 years old and would like to earn money during your vacations? Then you can now do something good, have fun and earn above average money. Sounds too good to be true? But it is.
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Social organizations like the Red Cross or the Red Nose Clowndoctors depend on donations from the civilian population. As a fundraiser, you work as part of a team to collect donations for these organizations. Your minimum earnings for 5 weeks are EUR 1.950,-. But if you really step on the gas, you can earn far more than EUR 2.000,- come. The best fundraisers even go on a free vacation together! Interested? Then click here to learn more:

5. Earn money by gardening

You like to work outdoors or. in the garden? Why not help other people who have less time or are no longer in the physical condition to do it and earn some money on the side?

6. Earn money as a babysitter

The classic, especially for pupils and students. Many parents are happy if they can go out every now and then in the evening and have someone to watch their kids. If the children are good and asleep, this can be a very pleasant way to earn some money on the side.

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