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cancer seems relentless. It can happen to anyone. And yet there are people who give us hope. People who take up the fight and beat cancer through the power of your will.

One such report years ago was the book by Eva-Maria Sanders ("Leben!"). Since such books come and go rather quickly, but the topic outlasts the decades, this book review is representative of a whole series of current titles. The book by Ms. Sanders has long been out of print. She had created a book from her own fate that encourages, stirs up and gives strength. A book cannot work miracles. You have to do it yourself. But the book shows that it is possible.


And hope itself is one of the most important tools for health !


The book, is the stirring account of a young woman confronted with a devastating diagnosis: Cancer. Six weeks to live.

Eva-Maria Sanders describes how she broke away from conventional medicine, which was unable to help her, and how she found the path to self-healing and learned to see illness as an opportunity. She describes her experiences openly and we experience that the impossible becomes possible.

Too much hope?

We sometimes smile at overly enthusiastic and hopeful people. We foresee an inevitable disappointment.

This is also the case with a fatal disease. Those who give great hope only set the root for tomorrow’s disappointment. And certainly not everyone can survive either, no matter how hard they fight. We are all different. Only mortal we all are.

So shall we dash hope? That may be true when someone gets caught up in hopeless business ideas. (see also Positive Thinking) But when it comes to life, hope itself is the reason for hope. We can’t have enough of it.

Eat more fruit!

Every single day science makes new small advances in the fight against cancer. Whatever statistics you look at. They all come from the past. Every day of progress also brings hope.

Fight for your health!?

Many people say after a serious illness that it was not right to fight with all one’s strength against this "enemy" to fight. You have to see the disease as an opportunity. Also Mrs. Sanders speaks of "accept", from a "turning point in life, from "Reconciling with the cancer cells".

What is right? Are there patent remedies? What is transferable to us?

The most important thing is probably "wanting to live. Not "against death", but "for life" fight. Our subconscious does not know negations. The unconscious does not imagine "crossed out tombstones" before, but very much how you embrace your children or life partner. "Not" Is not properly processed. Also with "NLP one uses this insight and basically formulates all goals without negations. So fight for life!


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How could we escape from cancer?
Eating berries

There are some prescriptions that at least help a little:

To run away from cancer? Jogging does not completely protect against cancer. But it reduces the risk a little bit, so it is a good preventive measure. And if you have cancer, it can slow down the progression of the disease.

Starving the cancer? Deny the cancer cells the twitch? Eating less reduces the risk of cancer, and even the progress of the disease can probably be slowed down a bit by abstaining from sweets.

Taking the meat out of cancer? It is hard to know which statistics to trust. But that an excess of meat promotes cancer has become common knowledge. I guess it’s supposed to be that the percentage of meat in your diet helps increase the risk of cancer. It can probably also be shown that there is a kind of threshold value: Above a certain level, a sharply increasing risk. A very simple measure could help and will hardly do any harm: Eat an apple and more fruit every day.

Of course, in case of illness, every measure should be discussed with the doctor. Keep in mind, though:

Risks do not simply add up. They multiply. But countermeasures do. Therefore, take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself: Not just exercise. Not only nutrition. Don’t just cut out alcohol and smoking. Get as much of it together as possible!

Clowns help heal

"Orthodox medicine" or "alternative medicine?

Especially in the fight for life and death it depends not only on the art of doctors, but also on human contact.
Doctors are human too. The daily suffering in front of their eyes dulls their senses. Many wear a cold mask without personality. The desolation of a cancer ward can aggravate and accelerate an illness.

This is perhaps the main reason people turn away from conventional medicine even when diagnosed with cancer, rather than medical options. Man seeks refuge where he finds human warmth. It can be with a shaman or faith healer if necessary. Alternative medicine is usually harmless. Swallowing bitter placebos can cost a lot of money and yet work better than targeted, scientifically proven measures.

Health is decided to a large extent in the head. Clowns are used in children’s hospitals because they actually help heal. "Who cries a lot and laughs a lot, can become very old", it means. Emotions prolong life. Laughter is healthy. To be free from worry is as well. Whatever brings joy into your life is a piece of medical help.

It makes sense to get to know alternative healing methods as long as one is healthy. But as a healthy person, do not constantly think about getting sick. However, if you are sick, you should constantly think about getting better!

It is difficult to show self-responsibility and trust in a doctor at the same time. People who make the miracle come true also have surgery and radiation and undergo chemotherapy. But only rarely do they want to simply hand over their lives to the doctors.

Smoker's Lung

Even with me?

Can the path of the will to live also defeat my tumor?? Critics are quick to point out that Ms. Sanders is only in her mid-30s, she lives in a carefree environment, and she has a loving and understanding husband. She makes an intelligent and educated impression and can put any amount of money into her health. A few lucky breaks may be added and the miracle is perfect. Is it transmissible at all?

And what about the cause? If the author has favored or perhaps even caused the cancer by her psyche, then the reversal will also be possible? But when the cause is unknown? Maybe the refinery in the neighborhood? Unhealthy chemistry in the home? A smoker’s lung?

Realize that in every life there are fortunes and strengths! Nobody can vouch for the fact that healing will occur. But that "wanting to live" improves the chances, is also recognized by science. It is your miracle. You can not decide whether you survive. But you can decide whether you want to survive.

And to the critics who speak of lottery, let me tell you: 100 percent of the winners have participated.

It may be unfashionable, but ask yourself one of the fundamental questions of humanity:
The question of the meaning of life. Your life has a meaning!


The first word of the title is the most important one. It denotes this book. It gives courage to want to live. It shows that it is possible. It is said that of those who take up the fight, who fight themselves and do not just leave the responsibility with the doctors, the vast majority are still alive years later. Wanting to live is worthwhile. Even if it seems hopeless.

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