Create gifs: the 5 best apps

If you are at a loss for words, just say it with a GIF! Easily create GIFs yourself. We’ll show you how.

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A GIF sometimes says more than a thousand words. Funny, sad or ironic – with the short animations you lend your mood a special touch WhatsApp and Social Networks more expression.

Numerous platforms and apps already offer a wide range of choices. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or just want to get creative yourself? No problem: With the right apps, you can easily create GIFs yourself.

1. GIPHY Cam: The queen of GIF apps

GIPHY belongs to the top dogs among the GIF platforms. With the in-house app, GIPHY Cam ( Android | iOS ), you can also create your own GIFs on your smartphone – completely free of charge. Take photos and videos directly or use existing content as a base.

Give your self-created GIFs that special something with stickers, frames, individual text or one of the many GIFs available, partly whimsical filters. By the way, the selection gets bigger from week to week. You can either save your newly created GIF artwork on your smartphone or share it directly with friends and family via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. with your friends.

Two screenshots of the app GIPHY CAM

2. JibJab: Your face as a GIF

JibJab works a little bit different ( Android | iOS ). With the app, you can create GIF files by typing your face into ready animations or insert mini-videos. If you want to send a special greeting to friends and relatives on holidays or special occasions?

The choice of templates is overwhelming. If you already liked the popular Christmas app Elf Yourself, you will definitely get your money’s worth with JibJab. The only disadvantage of the app: The implementation of your own creative ideas is only possible to a limited extent.

3. Gif Me! Camera: One, two, three – done!

Thanks to the easy handling Gif Me! Camera ( Android | iOS ) the ideal app for those who want to create a GIF for the first time. But also for advanced users the app has a lot to offer. In just a few steps you assemble images from your gallery into loops and insert filters. Also a Time-lapse mode is at your disposal.

Plus, you can record videos right in the app and then create a GIF from those sequences. The structure and operation of the app show similarities with Instagram. You feel at home in the Insta world? Then you will surely with Gif Me! Camera well to cope with.

Two screenshots of the app Gif Me!

4. GIF creator editor: The name says it all

With the GIF creator editor ( Android ) almost everything can be turned into endless loops. Use videos or still images to create and edit any kind of GIF with the app. The interface is self-explanatory: crop images, adjust brightness, add effects, stickers and frames – done.

Best of all, to Save storage space and not to throttle the speed of your smartphone unnecessarily, you can compress GIFs after creating them.

5. GIF Keyboard by Tenor: Reply as GIF directly from the keyboard

You can also create GIF images quickly and easily with the app GIF Keyboard by Tenor ( Android | iOS ). Search the GIF search engine using numerous categories such as music, trends and reactions, add a text to your desired motif and send it directly from your keyboard to friends and family. All you have to do is adjust your smartphone keyboard accordingly.

So you’ll always have the right GIF answer at hand, no matter where you are. Compared to other apps, GIF Keyboard by Tenor offers you significantly fewer options to give free rein to your creativity. But for this you get a very simple solution to quickly and easily create a GIF with custom text.

Screenshot of the Gif Keyboard app

Create animated GIFs with WhatsApp

You want No special app download to create GIFs yourself? If you’re one of the more than 60 million WhatsApp users in Germany, you don’t have to download this either. Both the iOS and Android versions let you create a GIF from a video. Admittedly, the function is a bit hidden. But we’ll show you how to do it step by step:

Open WhatsApp and select the chat in which you want to send the GIF.

As an Android user, tap on the camera icon next to the input line. On iOS you click on the plus symbol.

Select an existing video or shoot a short sequence.

If you want to create a GIF with WhatsApp, the video must be no more than seven seconds long. Shorten videos that are too long. It’s easy to do in the image bar at the top of the screen.

As soon as the video has the right length, the GIF option appears in the upper right corner. Select it.

Now you have a repeating image sequence that you can add text and stickers to and post in the chat.

Create a gif: You can do it without an app

Do you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or a newer version? Then you can make your own GIF without an app. When recording, do you activate the function "Live Photos", are also taken 1.5 seconds before and after the actual photo. Simply swipe up on the selected photo and select one of the two effects:

Infinite loop: turns your live photos into a sequence of images that repeats automatically.

Bounce: turn your live photo into a GIF that moves back and forth, similar to a boomerang on Instagram.

You don’t have an iPhone yet and want to use the app? At mobilcom-debitel you will find a large selection of different Apple phones .

Create gifs: the 5 best apps

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