Correct make-up over 50 – for a radiant beauty

What makeup tips are there for younger appearance? Makeup tips and advice on anti-aging and makeup for mature skin 50 plus.

Even if woman is no longer in her early 20s, cosmetics and aesthetics are a big issue. Hair, skin care, eyes, eyelashes… it’s all ubiquitous. You always want to be well-groomed and make yourself extra pretty for special occasions. With my today’s topic make-up 50 plus and Beauty Tipps starting from 50 it lies it to me at the heart to assure you one: Good appearance is not a question of the age. Hairstyle, make-up and naturally care always play a large role for the aesthetics, should be however always type and age-fairly.

What makeup tips are there for younger appearance?

What do I need for an even complexion? – The basics: foundation and makeup

Foundation is the foundation of makeup and the most important beautifier, but it also has the greatest potential for error. Too much of it applied makes her face look mask-like. A color that does not match your complexion, not only leaves unsightly edges but looks unnatural and even makes them look older. Therefore, my make-up tip for women over 50 is: Use sparingly and get good advice beforehand.

And how can I cover up visible wrinkles?? With mature skin, there is a risk that the foundation will settle in the wrinkles and lines, so you should rather go for a rich, moisturizing product.

How to conceal pigmentation spots? What helps with bags under the eyes? How to conceal small lip wrinkles? Use concealers to hide minor blemishes such as pimples, dark circles, pigmentation and age spots. Apply sparingly and work it well into the skin by gently tapping with your fingers.

How do I use blush correctly?

If the complexion is pale, then rouge provides the perfect freshness kick. Here, too, the color tone is decisive. With blush generally applies: Less is more. Therefore, a dignified and natural shade should always be chosen. How to apply make-up or. Rouge for additional volume? Here the placement plays a major role. When applying blush, it is best to always laugh, so you automatically find the right place.

The eyebrows as a frame

Over time, unfortunately, the hairs on the eyebrows also become thinner or even fall out completely. Redrawing or filling in with products is therefore not left out if you do not want to do without the important contour in the face. But always stay close to your natural and original brows both in terms of color and shape. Brows that are too accentuated or too dark make you look hard and unnatural. Very good results are achieved with eyebrow powder and a brush instead of a pencil.

How to lift the eye area? – The eye shadow

Make-up for eyes over 50: The perfect eye look definitely includes eye shadow on the crease of the lips. But here, too, age often throws a spanner in the works, as the eyelids in particular tend to droop at some point and turn into droopy lids. Therefore, my make-up tips for eyes over 50: It is best to choose matte eye shadow, this has a better durability than iridescent products. These settle faster in the wrinkles. When applying, pay attention to the shape of your eyes and set them off skilfully with the lip liner. As a crowning touch, let your eyes and eyelashes shine with mascara.

Lipstick for gorgeous lips

A lipstick is perfect for adding that certain something to a plain outfit. Even with make-up 50+! However, the color should never be too dark. It is also essential to ensure that the lipstick or gloss does not run and settle in the creases of the lips. Here, a lip liner in a neutral color such as "rosewood" or the chosen lipstick color is indispensable. Simply check in between and correct if necessary.

Remove makeup in the evening

Our mothers already preached it to us back then and what can we say: They are still right today. Clean your face and also neck and decollete area every day! Evening. This allows the skin to recover and breathe at night. All pores are free of dirt and sebum, moreover, care products can do their job all night long.

How do I keep my skin fit?

Good care is the be-all and end-all . At the beginning of 40, the production of collagen and lipids decreases significantly and the skin continues to lose elasticity. The skin becomes drier, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth deepen and the complexion sometimes appears tired and blotchy. In general you should pay attention to sufficient moisture supply! Drink plenty of water or herbal teas. The hydropolster makes the skin firmer and the wrinkles appear less deep. In addition, the skin is better supplied with blood, the oxygen supply increases and the skin metabolism is stimulated.

  • The power care
    … for women over 40, careful skin cleansing with peelings is a must. They remove dead horny scales and stimulate the renewal of the skin. This refreshes the complexion and prevents blackheads and pimples.
  • Extra portion of moisture
    A mask once a week moisturizes and tightens the skin. But that is not enough. A moisturizer adapted to your skin type should provide the daily freshness kick.
  • The day cream
    It should be tailored to the individual skin type and contain UV protection to prevent further skin damage from sunlight.
  • The night cream
    Type-appropriate skin care is particularly effective at night in supplying the skin with the necessary rebuilding substances and helping it to regenerate.
  • The care
    Do not only care for your face! Neck, decollete and especially hands like to betray the real and not just the perceived age.
  • Feel good in your skin
    But the most important thing of all: if you feel good in your skin, you will radiate all by yourself! You can find great care products in our store.

How young are you really?
The actual age and the perceived age

We often feel much younger than we are. According to one study, for those over 50, it’s 14 years of. The fact is, however, that we need to be active from 30 onwards to actually stay young. Here are some tips on how to slow down the biological clock of life a bit, because in addition to genes, personal lifestyle also determines how quickly a person ages.

  • Massage mat with heat function

    → to the massage mat

  • VITALmaxx humidifier, 4-in-1

    → to the humidifier

  • Maxxmee neck massager with EMS

    → to the neck massager

  • Regularly go to preventive care
    Take advantage of the offer of preventive medical checkups, because this is how you are protected from serious diseases in most cases, or simply recognize them in time.
  • Keeping an eye on inner values
    A z.B. Blood pressure or sugar and cholesterol levels are easily determined and quickly give us certainty. If individual values are elevated, your doctor can directly investigate the cause.
  • Pay attention to food
    Our body is a true regeneration miracle. Cells die second by second and are replaced by new ones. A balanced, fresh diet is necessary for this to function well into old age. An unbalanced diet low in minerals is just as harmful as too much fat, salt and alcohol. Positive side effect of a good diet: hardly any weight fluctuations due to diets and less massive overweight.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible
    Stress definitely accelerates our aging: we all have phases of life that challenge us from time to time. The important thing is that you take very specific time off. Sports, reading, walking, it does not matter. The main thing is not to lose the ability to switch off and relax.
  • Physical and mental exercise
    Physical exercise not only strengthens heart and circulation. Muscles are also a great fat burner and the skin becomes firmer in addition. But not only the outer shell should stay in shape. Mental challenges keep our brain young. Puzzles, Sudoku, brain jogging – the main thing is to get the gray matter working regularly.

Then it only remains for me to say: Stay healthy and have a lot of fun with my beauty trends and tips!

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