Childhood diseases | chickenpox – symptoms, treatment and protection

child with ointment against chickenpox on the face

It is chickenpox! The varicella viruses have found new host cells and have violently itchy blisters in their luggage. How to alleviate the symptoms of chickenpox? Above all: Is there a reliable protection against chickenpox?

If my child has chickenpox now?

After an infection the first signs of illness after 8 to 28 days noticeable (incubation period).

It starts with a general feeling of illness and a slight fever.

The typical vesicles appear only after three to five days on.

At Children a chickenpox infection is usually over after about five days.

When the Scabs not be scratched open and fall off by themselves, there is no scarring.

The appearance of rashes in the course of the disease:

  • Small, red spots
  • first on the body and face
  • later on the arms and legs
  • After a few hours, blisters form with clear fluid
  • severe itching
  • after 2 to 3 days dehydration with crust formation
  • over 3 to 5 days always new blisters develop
  • many pox in different stages (starry sky)
    rarely: Infestation of mucous membranes , genitals, anus, hairy part of head

In any case, a doctor’s office should be consulted if the child is younger than six months, if the rash becomes inflamed or if the itching cannot be managed.

Is there reliable protection against chickenpox??

By a so-called Immunization chickenpox can be avoided. This means that anyone who has been infected with the varicella virus is immune for life. The other possibility to avoid chickenpox is a vaccination against varicella .

The Permanent Vaccination Commission ( STIKO ) recommends this Vaccination since 2004 for all children in the second year of life. Older children should be vaccinated between the ages of nine and seventeen, if they have not yet had chickenpox. There are further vaccination recommendations for people with a damaged immune system as well as for women who wish to have children.

Otherwise, it is difficult to protect against Chickenpox to protect successfully. Varicella is highly infectious . The viruses are transmitted by droplets or smear infection. They spread not only by touch, but also travel through the air to their next victim. Proverbially, smallpox is blown away by the wind.

Those who try to keep themselves or their children away from those affected will have little success in doing so. Unfortunately, the viruses are already present a few days before the outbreak of the Hautexantheme extremely sociable. This makes timely isolation or a ContactAvoidance almost impossible at this stage.

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