Calorie consumption: which sport burns how many calories??

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Of course, sport is healthy and burns a lot of calories – we all know that. But what are the benefits of jogging, yoga and the like?. actually really? We tell you with which sports you can really melt away the pounds.

Get off the sofa and into your sports gear! Whether old or young, slim or a little more on the ribs – in principle, everyone should integrate sport firmly into their daily routine. Because sport is healthy, keeps us fit, strengthens muscles and boosts our immune system.

And by the way, we burn a lot of calories doing sports – especially practical for those who want to lose a little weight anyway.

Ideally, you should exercise three times a week. Choose one or more sports that you enjoy, so you really stick with it. A mix of strength and cardio training is ideal. Especially endurance sports like jogging, Nordic walking or spinning melt the kilos and stimulate fat burning. #

Which sport burns how many calories, you can find out here. (All figures are average values and are based on a body weight of 60 kilograms – the value changes depending on weight, age, gender and training intensity.)


Jogging is a true fat burner sport, because here the calorie consumption is particularly high. At a speed of 10 km/h you will burn about 600 kcal in one hour.


The pounds also disappear when cycling. Compared to running, however, fewer muscle groups are active. At a brisk pace of 20 km/h you burn about 500 kcal per hour.


Cycling is not so strenuous? Ha! This certainly does not apply to a spinning class. Here you pedal for 45 to 60 minutes to the fast rhythm of the music and adjust the difficulty level according to the trainer’s announcements. This is quite strenuous and burns about 600 kcal per 60 minutes.

There are many different types of yoga that burn different amounts of calories. Power yoga, for example, is more strenuous than classic yoga, but you still lose a good 170 kcal per hour.


Aerobics is a great group sport, which, due to the dance elements, is especially appealing to sporty people. Your calorie account will also be happy: Depending on the intensity, you can burn between 360 and 500 kcal in one hour.


The cross trainer is one of the most popular cardio machines in the gym. With a smooth movement you can run forward as well as backward and adjust speed and difficulty to your personal fitness level. Per 60 minutes, a good 590 kcal are lost, if you walk a little faster and don’t set the difficulty level to 1. Additional Plus: With the Crosstrainier you train completely besides thighs and Po.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking looks like a moderately strenuous sport. But by using the sticks many muscle parts are trained and accordingly many calories are burned: about 370 kcal per hour. In addition, Nordic Walking is easy on your joints because, unlike running, there is no flight phase, as one foot is always in contact with the ground.


The BBP workout for abdomen, legs and buttocks is a popular sports course, especially among women, because it effectively combats typical problem areas. And not only them: During a one-hour course, around 250 kcal disappear.


Swimming is a sport that is easy on the joints and is particularly suitable for people who are overweight and has a relatively high calorie consumption. Breaststroke, for example, burns about 500 kcal in one hour. You also get your arms, legs and buttocks in shape and strengthen your back. So if you like swimming, you should do your favorite sport regularly.


Badminton or badminton is a typical summer sport that is played in the garden or on the beach. A sport that is worthwhile, because you lose about 300 kcal per hour.


Tennis mainly trains the muscles in the arms and shoulders, but also the leg muscles. Not to mention that fast sprints and long rallies also improve endurance. It’s no wonder that a lot of calories are burned: 60 minutes of tennis means approx. 350 calorie loss!

Tae Bo

Bad mood after a stressful day at work? Then off to Tae Bo. This is a mixture of boxing elements and endurance and is ideal for kicking and punching away all the frustration. It is also strenuous. In 60 minutes, about 460 kcal disappear.

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