Calorie consumption jogging vs. Cycling – who wins?

running vs cycling

Two of the most popular endurance sports are undoubtedly jogging and cycling. An impressive 49% of Germans enjoy cycling, compared to 27% who regularly jog in parks or on a treadmill. But which of the two endurance sports is more effective in terms of calorie consumption? Jogging or cycling who wins?

Calorie consumption jogging – perfect cardiovascular workout

The great advantage of jogging is the resulting calorie consumption, which is significantly higher than many other endurance sports.

The exact calorie consumption in jogging depends, among other things, on gender, height, age and weight.

Running training is therefore ideal for those who want to lose weight and do something healthy for their heart at the same time.

In weight training, the heart muscle usually comes too short, the heart must supply the built mass with blood, but the heart muscle is not trained to do so.

The consequence is usually high blood pressure with strong muscle building. However, this negative effect can be very well prevented by regular jogging.

Another advantage of jogging is that you can run at any time and anywhere – you just need a pair of good running shoes, preferably nice weather, the right sportswear and you’re ready to go.

Running outdoors is also possible in the winter, here is also the appropriate equipment is required. Who knows – maybe you’ll even enjoy it and soon run in the next marathon with ?

Disadvantage in running training: In overweight people, the stress of jogging on the joints is particularly high. Joint pain develops very quickly here .

In this case, it is better to start with swimming or cycling, as these sports are easier on the joints.

Running – the most important data at a glance:

  • Calorie consumption jogging: approx. 547 Kcal per hour
  • Oxygen circulation per minute: ca. 1.9 liters
  • Joint load: High if you are overweight or have the wrong running technique or equipment.

Calorie consumption cycling – cardio training with low joint load

When cycling, you have to be in motion a little longer than when jogging to achieve the same calorie consumption.

More specifically: If the runner runs for 60 minutes, the cyclist must ride for 80 minutes to achieve the same caloric expenditure.

This does not have to be a disadvantage, because compared to jogging, it is possible to cover longer distances on a bicycle. This allows you to see much more of nature.

Other benefits of cycling are: Improve stamina and endurance, train the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system, easy on the joints, improve coordination, strengthen the muscles of the legs, trunk, buttocks, and arms;

Cycling – the most important data at a glance:

  • Calorie consumption cycling: approx. 412 Kcal per hour
  • Oxygen circulation per minute: approx. 1.5 liters
  • Joint loadLow, so the sport is particularly suitable for older and overweight people.

Conclusion – calorie consumption jogging vs. Cycling

Whether jogging or cycling, both sports are ideal for improving your fitness and getting rid of unwanted fat deposits.

At Running burns one indeed a little more calories in less time and you have a freer feeling because your whole body is constantly in motion, but cycling offers more variety and can be a lot of fun in the great outdoors and with friends.

Calorie consumption jogging vs. Cycling – which of the two sports do you prefer and why?? Tell us now in the comments…

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