Calorie consumption during sports

Road cycling

What is your calorie consumption Sport? Swimming, cycling, running& Co.How long do you have to exercise to lose weight?? In this article you will find an overview of calorie consumption during sports. Whether you prefer cycling, swimming or running, every sport burns calories.

Calorie consumption swimming

No matter if you go to the outdoor pool in summer or to the indoor pool in winter, exercise in the cool water boosts your calorie consumption. Therefore, swimming is also an ideal sport for losing weight. Swimming trains the muscles and is a gentle sport for the joints.

The different swimming styles consume different amounts of calories and also use different muscles. When swimming breaststroke, you can burn 531 calories in one hour. The amount of calories burned is higher during a brisk crawl. Here you can burn even 900 calories per hour.

Increase calorie consumption during swimming by using the right temperature

It is not only the duration and intensity of swimming that increases the calories burned. Water temperature can also help burn fat. If the water is warmer or colder than 26 degrees, the body has to regulate the temperature and this in turn leads to increased energy consumption – thus increased calorie consumption when swimming.

Calorie consumption cycling

Cycling not only burns calories, but you also move in the open air. In addition, cycling is also easy on the joints and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Unlike swimming, this exercise primarily strengthens the calf and leg muscles.

But how many calories does cycling burn? It all depends on the age, speed and body weight of the cyclist. Cycling can burn between 200 and 600 calories per hour. In some cases, the consumption of calories can be more.

Calorie consumption while cycling at a glance:

This is how many calories you burn in about an hour:

  • 15 km/h: approx. 120 120 – 200 kcal
  • 18 km/h: ca. 220 – 300 kcal
  • 22 km/h: About. 330 – 450 kcal
  • over 22 km/h: ca. 450 kcal and more

Calorie consumption running

The endurance sports walking and running are very often recommended to those who want to control their weight or lose weight. But many people also go running just to feel fit.

But how many calories do you consume when you walk or run?. Running? The higher your running speed, the higher the calorie consumption. However, you should note that you can run much longer at a slower pace. Therefore, consider beforehand what pace will get you to your destination best.

Example: A person who weighs 72.5 kg and walks for one hour at a pace of 5:30 minutes per kilometer burns about 798 calories.

How do you burn calories fast when you run??

If you can walk for at least 20 minutes at a time, you can vary your runs to burn calories even faster. But you walk slower and longer. And another time short and crisp with a sprint interval. This way you can improve your fat metabolism and burn more calories.

Calorie consumption during sports

Basically, after a period of training you might weigh a little more. Especially if you are still relatively untrained. That’s because the muscle mass you gain weighs more than the body fat you lose. But this is completely normal and only means that the organism adjusts and adapts to the new load.

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