Building a small house

Small houses with clever floor plans are in demand, especially on sites with little space. But what are the additional advantages of a small house and what should be considered in the planning process?

Building land becomes increasingly more expensive. In addition to the cost of the land come taxes and fees. Above all in the conurbations the dream of the own home can be realized thereby often only with difficulty. Considerable savings potential is offered by a small house with a small footprint: a small plot of land or a narrow gap between buildings is all that is needed, and if the small detached house is built upwards, it still offers a relatively large amount of space.

In addition, small houses are best suited for single people or couples with low living space requirements.

You should know that

If you build a small house, you save in any case construction costs due to the reduced living space. Most small houses kosts no more than 200.000 euros. If you decide to build a house, you will find small houses from 100.000 euros. As a rule, a ground-level small house costs less than a small house with two floors and the same living space. The reason for this is the more complex statics involved in building over several floors. Sometimes, however, a multi-story house with a small living space makes sense, especially if there is only one small Property is available.

Small houses are particularly suitable for Seniors, because paths are kept short and the cleaning effort is low. In addition, small houses are often bungalows, which allows you to live on one level without stairs. But also for Single people, couples or small families with a maximum of two children, the construction of a small house is a good idea. In addition to lower construction costs, maintenance and energy costs are also lower than for a larger house.

Small houses are Cost-effectively to build and have lower energy consumption, which in turn is easy on the wallet. For this they are best suitable for small plots of land. However, they also offer only limited space for communal living and privacy.

If only a small amount of living space is available, clever floor planning is required. Keep Corridors and technical room as small as possible. Use only narrow doors and windows (or skylights) to have enough wall space for furniture. Create additional storage space through attic or basement.

Build small, pay little!

With their uncluttered but smart floor plan, small homes reduce the costs incurred during construction many times over. The purchase of a small house is comparatively cheap. If you would like to have an additional influence on the price, you can do this above all within the framework of the agreed features and the materials used. Wood as a building material is particularly suitable for small houses. In addition, through personal contributions – the so-called muscle mortgage – often still some costs can be saved.

The average prices from the chart refer to small houses under 100 square meters, which are offered on our site and are to be seen as rough guidelines. There may be large fluctuations in some cases.

Chart average prices of small houses

Recommended small single-family houses and single houses

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Little floor space, a lot of space!

The actual living space of the small houses varies from provider to provider. Basically, "Mini does not mean that there is no space available in the corresponding buildings. Although the smallest variants in particular are reduced to the bare essentials, a small house usually offers intelligent storage options. A small house offers sufficient space even for families – provided that the roof and basement are included in the plans. The upper floor can be either a retreat for the parents or the own kingdom for the offspring. Even a daylit basement can be used as living space, in compliance with legal requirements, thus increasing the floor area of the home.

In terms of individuality, the small houses, which are particularly suitable for singles, couples, seniors and small families, are in no way inferior to their larger relatives. Modern townhouses and fancy architecture are possible as well as classical ones Single family houses or bungalows with only one floor level. The range of products is very diverse and varied. In general, this refers to small houses under 100 square meters.

Three-storey Cubus house with a small footprint

Spacious house on a small building plot

Advantages& Disadvantages of building a small house

Small house advantages

Small houses cost less to buy

Perfect for small property due to small footprint

Easier maintenance and care

Less material and construction costs

Lower energy consumption than larger houses

Optimal use of available living space

Small house Disadvantages

Hardly any space for (larger) families

With two floors rather little suitable for age-appropriate living

Possible sacrifices in terms of comfort

Adaptation to new living situations is difficult (z.B. offspring)

Select a suitable small house or single house now

A single house as an alternative to a condo

For single people, the dream of owning a house often remains unfulfilled. This is not necessarily due to the financial situation, but to the lack of homes available for this target group.

This was also recognized by the specialists of prefabricated and solid houses and developed houses tailored to the needs of single builders. With most house providers are considered houses with Areas from 50 sqm up to 100 sqm as a single house. In terms of floor space, you have many options, because manufacturers offer a wide variety of floor plans and even multi-storey single houses. Thus, the small house for singles is a full-fledged house with a room concept tailored to people living alone. Even couples with lower demands on living space size can get a dream home tailored to their individual needs.

In Germany and Austria, the number of singles and single people, and thus the number of one-person households, is constantly growing. Even in urban areas, the house for one person forms the ideal alternative to the condominium and offers much more freedom and tranquility. Even if the family planning is still open, small houses as property offer more possibilities than a rented apartment. Because while the monthly rent paid is lost in purely mathematical terms, you build up personal wealth with the repayment installment for a small house. And if the personal life situation changes due to an addition to the family, it is uncomplicated either to build a new, larger house and rent/sell the former one or to extend the existing single house by a house extension if necessary.

For older people, the existing house after the children move out is often much too large and costly in maintenance. The result is unnecessary costs for unused rooms. A single house or small house for couples, planned according to individual ideas, in this case isfor seniors the practical alternative to the Move to an apartment and convinces additionally by the favorable price.

Advantages of single houses

A solid or prefabricated house for singles offers many advantages, regardless of age, because the living space is precisely tailored to the individual ideas of the homeowner. Whether you build a small house in wood or stone, it will be an good investment its.

Especially middle-aged people who build a small house with 80 sqm in bungalow design and with barrier-free equipment plan ahead and can live in their small home forever. Younger couples or singles without families prefer rather expandable concepts and the floor construction method for small dwelling houses. This decision gives flexibility for the future and allows subsequent and uncomplicated house extensions to the already existing building.

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