Author: markusliebelt

One week of recovery and relaxed training had to be enough to be fit again at the start of the team competition of the regional league in Jena – and it was enough!! &

Author: markusliebelt

After the morning my father his first triathlon (virtually without training in 1:15 h!), I had to swim 500 m relay, run 10 km with the team and finally 40 km team time trial in the afternoon. (Report BLICK Erzgebirge)

Swimming went great and I was able to catch up four places as third swimmer. Conrad did the rest and so we went as 4. to the run. We showed a good team performance, MaDu made the pace, Conrad and I took turns pushing Alex and thus the team to a strong running time.

Lying on place 4, behind Kamenz, Jena and TV Berlin, we changed to our cream discipline. And then it started to be really fun! With Highspeed it went over the "Highway", MaDu and I provided mainly for the speed, the Berliners were quickly left behind and the Jenaer already put themselves in place. In the 5. In the second round (of 8) I almost had a hunger pang (in the rush of speed I forgot to drink) and consequently had a little hang up. But for that you have three colleagues here! &

In lap six, we passed Jena with a lot of speed and thought that we could leave them behind as well… Wrong thought! Because with a gap of 2 to 4 m one gets away badly and pulls the backmen only with! The referee bikes were hanging around at places 10-20, and the staionary referee didn’t care apparently.

Author: markusliebelt

After the last turn there were still about 500 m to go to the finish line. So in – around – full speed ahead and hope… but it was no use, Jena stuck to it, then passed us, out of our slipstream, shortly before the finish..

So third instead of second in the daily ranking, but in the end still second in the overall ranking behind Kamenz and in front of Jena. Congratulations at this point to the sovereign East Saxons!
So the anger was gone quickly and we can all look each other in the eye again! & And it was a lot of fun anyway:

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Vegas baby! Just not yet this year..

Author: markusliebelt

– My 3. Middle distance!
– My first 70.3!
– My 3. Place 3 this season!
– Place 31 in the total field of 2400 starters!
– My longest day so far: 4:36:20 h!
– My bike speedometer showed 9 at the end3 km, for which I 2:35:34 h needed, which is an average of approx. 35 km/h corresponds!
… mysterious. &

So much for the bare numbers of my performance at IRONMAN70.3-European championship last Sunday in Wiesbaden. I try now consciously the experienced, which is to be described with words actually not at all, very briefly to hold. The race, the long preparation, the time in Wiesbaden flew by and everything still seems a bit unreal…

Arrival on Friday – Arrival around 15.00 am – start documents – expo – finally got Saucony Grid Type A4 in my size – hotel in Raunhein – pizzeria – bed – slept well!

Saturday 7:30 a.m. – short run in new shoes – princely breakfast at the hotel – short test ride with the bike – check-in – by car again over the bike course to Wiesbaden – expo – race briefing – back to the hotel – put my legs up – pizzeria – TV – bed – … and despite "slight" nervousness slept well again! WOW!

Sunday, 4:30 a.m. the alarm clock rang and before I knew it I was already standing on the beach of the Raunheimer Waldsee, together with ca. 250 other starters of my starting group in the age of 18 – 29 years! 7:35 o’clock; STARTSCHUSS..

Author: markusliebelt

The swim turned out to be a bit difficult, not only because of the short shore leave! Because of the high power density, there was always someone who would have liked to swim sideways over me or hold on to my feet. But it would be funny, if this would not be the case in triathlon…&

Author: markusliebelt

To make matters worse, all women and men aged 50+ 25 min resp. 15 minutes before us, which made the second half of the swim course a zig-zag course! Nevertheless, I climbed in an acceptable time as 22. my group out of the water, ran up the 200 m sand hill and another felt 5 km through the transition area to my bike, continuing in a funny zigzag around women and older gentlemen.

And I was already sitting on my favorite toy! Here it went round; I drove very controlled, both in terms of intensity, as well as in terms of risk in turns and descents (if even the

Author: markusliebelt

cycling god Sebastian Kienle crashes three times…), because the conditions were not exactly optimal with rain, fog and wind! Unfortunately, I was slowed down again on the very narrow and technical bike course, especially on the first 50 km, by groups of people who started in front of us… but these conditions had, except for the professionals, all!

At about km 65 I overtook a duo with Mario Schierok, continued my rhythm and suddenly I was alone, no more women, no M50+, no one… A little later I met the Swiss Gregor Otto, the later winner of M50. This one said, I was second in my group – well that was cool! & In front of me only Julian Mutterer, who won my AK18

Author: markusliebelt

sovereign won and overall 9. (!) was.
We came out of the water shortly after each other and then he went only a good minute faster than me … Too bad, if you had known that beforehand! &

If, if and but … I still had a lot of fun on this damn hard bike course.

After I then on the last 400 m before the transition area still in the snail’s pace behind a French professional with wheel problems had to hurry (overtaking ban. ), I could quite quickly lace up my running shoes and run my first half marathon barefoot (!) approach! (The risk was great, but except for a few small abrasions everything went well! & )

Author: markusliebelt

After easy first meters the running became very tough and I had to fight in the first two rounds (a 5,2 km) of the, nevertheless quite demanding running course, with a very firm lower back. Otherwise it went however quite loosely forward. In the third and fourth lap it went better again, but then I lacked the courage to risk something and to increase the pace. In retrospect I am a bit annoyed about this, because the distances to the top places were very small in the end! But at least I was able to cross the finish line alive and fully conscious! &

In the end it was nevertheless a brilliant competition, on hammer distances, top organized, with super audience and insane atmosphere and I am really glad it, at my first and probably best occupied IRONMAN 70.3 in Europe, to have made it to the podium of my age group right away! It was a good, even if not perfect, race for me. In each individual discipline would have been certainly still something more in it, but so is also still enough air upward! &
Even to qualify for the IRONMAN70.3-WM in Las Vegas was enough. Unfortunately, the associated, especially financial effort, is out of proportion; therefore, I will not make the trip to the U.S. again this year! But with 21 you still have a future! & And so the big goal for 2012 is actually already set: IRONMAN 70.3 WM. I have already picked out the qualifying race(s), but more about that later!

Now I have to recover quickly in order to be able to start again next Sunday at the team competition of the regional league in Jena as well as on the 4th of September. September, to be fit again at the last big highlight of the season, the Triathlon de Gerardmer over the Olympic distance! Together with Marcus Herbst and Andi Dreitz, we’re going for the team score there as well as the individual..

Taper Time!

Author: markusliebelt

The last really hard and long units are now done, air problems have no longer appeared and also the ribs are almost completely recovered again.

Until Wiesbaden I "only" have to regenerate, eat the right food and do some relaxed and activating training! (= Tapering, for all those who are not so strongly rooted in endurance sports)

And still keep my nerves…&

P.S.: "was yesterday times in Wiesbaden to look at the track… wow that is really hard!"Thomas Hellriegel aka. "Hell on Wheels", first German Hawaii winner 1997

There remained one the air away..

The Havelberg harbor triathlon, the 3. Race of the Regionalliga Ost, training and test competition after the last three really hard training weeks before Wiesbaden for me. So I didn’t expect my legs to be too fresh, I also had a slight rib bruise from a bike crash last Sunday, but I still wanted to be in the front again. The training went, apart from a short stomach upset and a minor foot injury very well!

Swimming was then the best part of the race: Compared to Schneeberg, I was able to improve again significantly, led the second group with Ludger Held and got out of the Havel water not even a minute behind the leaders and was looking forward to 44 (!) km in my actual paradediscipline.

Author: markusliebelt

But it didn’t go smoothly from the beginning: air problems! As soon as I tried to increase the speed, I lost my breath, so I couldn’t keep up with Matthias Dunse and Markus Thomschke, who set a nice attack, as usual. I tried again and again to increase the speed, but I just couldn’t go as the legs wanted me to go. Nevertheless I got off the bike as third!
On the run it was the same, the legs were fresh, but the bronchial tubes were tight! So I kept my speed and intensity and tried to make it to the finish – for the team and for the training! & Although it was in the last of the three laps again really hard, but I could nevertheless the 7. Save place to the finish!

Cause(s)?? Again allergy, the new, a little too small team suit or the rib bruise… or all together… or something else?
Anyway, I hope the ribs will be fine in two weeks, the race suit will be a different one and I didn’t have any allergic problems when I rode the bike course in Wiesbaden last week..! So check off, keep my nerves and look ahead.

Failed dress rehearsal – so a (hopefully) successful one (IRONMAN70.3-)Premiere.

1. Place at the "Toughest Triathlon in Central Germany" ..

… at the Kyffhauser mountain! And as if the mountainous bike course and 36 curves up to the Kyffhauser were not enough, this time there was also brutal wind with squalls, 13°C and rain.

Author: markusliebelt

However, my race did not start optimally: I had to swim two laps in the "white water" of the Kelbra dam – with shore leave – only I had not noticed the latter due to the micro announcements in the wind at the beginning … At the end of the first lap, I was a few meters behind the leading relay swimmer with a reassuring lead on the first group. Unfortunately I lost sight of it due to the meter-high waves. When a windsurfer, who secured the swim course with me, pointed to the right in the direction of the first buoy, the detour was perfect. The group swam straight ahead towards the shore and I swam parallel to the right. Somehow I noticed it, culled behind and got out of the water shortly after the first group. That was it – because of the high sea-like conditions, the second round was cancelled ..

Author: markusliebelt

So with some anger in the belly off on the bike. There, surprisingly (the competition was fully out of training), it went really well and I was able to start after approx. 5 km, at the end of the first hard climb up to the "Hufler" take the lead, only the relay cyclist ca. 2 min ahead of me. This I then put at the beginning of the long climb to Kyffhauser. It was a lot of fun, at the top I was finally warm and I could take the rest of the bike course a little easier and ride more "on arrival" in the difficult and slippery conditions!

Author: markusliebelt

With a reassuring lead I went on the flat run course. It was very easy, but fast, and I didn’t let anything get in the way anymore. There the hard units on the track have probably already shown effect! Thanks Raik!! &

Conclusion: Good training for Wiesbaden and I’m probably still on the right track! &

A short sign of life..

… between training, working and learning. I have digested the ITT very well and am now back in full swing again. Yesterday I did a faster training run at the Heidelauf here in Halle. The plan was to run 10 of the 15 km fast and then let it coast. I did a great job and 36:14 min on a 10-km-cross-country course is, I think, quite respectable. I crossed the finish line, after a relaxed last lap, after 55:20 min.

You can find some nice words about the ITT Ferropolis on the pages of Markus Thomschke, Per Bittner and Christian Nitschke as well as COMPRESSPORT!

It is also worth to have a look at our team website, where you can find a funny video about the first league competition at Filzteich!

Iron hard fight in the city of iron!

At my first season highlight and only my second middle distance, the ITT Ferropolis helped, I managed a small sensation: Behind the two elite athletes Per Bittner and Markus Thomschke, I was able to finish ahead of Team-TBB pro Christian Nitschke the THIRD Save place to the finish! This meant at the same time the victory in AK20-24! &

After the hard race at the Filzteich last Sunday, I used the six days until the ITT consequently for recovery and only some relaxed, activating training. This calculation worked out..

My fear that the swim might be a bit difficult, as it was the first time this season that I had to wear a wetsuit, was not confirmed! I felt comfortable from the first meter in my new sailfish G-Range! The suit is super flexible, super comfortable and brings just the right amount of buoyancy. In short: It is just great to swim! &
So I got out of the water with Markus Thomschke, lying on position 5 and 6, only 2:30 min after the strong swimmer Per. My change took a little longer. After the swim I had to run up the beach to the transition area – which brought me very close to my maximum heart rate and I had problems to coordinate my movements at first! &

On the three flat but windy 30 km laps the pressure was on immediately. After the first round I was already able to make up three places. After the second I had caught up Markus Thomschke as well. We stayed together and changed positions 2 and 3. Per was at this point already uncatchable far ahead..

On the wavy and windy run course we all went our separate ways again. Per with a monkey speed in front, behind Markus T. relatively "easy" securing his second place, behind me fighting with all my might to keep the super runner Christian Nitschke at least a little bit at distance. On the ca. 5.2 km long turnpoint course I could always estimate the distance well. On the first two laps he came only slowly closer, only about 30 sec each, in the third I had a little low and suddenly my lead was only about 2 min (from the beginning approx. 5 min). In the last lap I was able to improve a little bit, ran for my life (also knowing that the difference between third and fourth place was worth 500 €)!!) and finally saved a good 30 sec lead to the finish – where I collapsed after a cry of jubilation and lay motionless for a few minutes! That’s saying something …&

I think I can be more than satisfied with this performance yesterday. Above all, I would not have thought that I would be able to run a half marathon in 1:23:41 after this hard cycling! This of course makes you want to do more! &

Besides the age group 20-24, 500 € prize money and a good dose of Red Bull, I was also able to win Eric Rosant with his brand COMPRESSPORT for me! & So in the future I will be able to take advantage of the compression of calf (R2) and thigh (Q) in training and competition! Thanks for that. Thanks to Compressport, I can already walk and climb stairs to some extent again today! &

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Now it’s time for consistent recovery, before in ca. two weeks of rebuilding for the IRONMAN 70.3 Wiesbaden is started. I think above all with the running and also with the optimization of the competition weight for Wiesbaden’s mountainous distance still some goes!

Until then, your still completely flattened and deeply satisfied MaLi! &

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