Approach a woman when you are shy?

Approach a woman when you are shy

You want to approach a woman, but you feel much too shy? Because of your shyness you have not had it easy with women so far? In this article you will learn how to overcome your shyness and approach women without fear.

As a shy man you have not had it very easy in the past. Your biggest worry when approaching a woman is to be rejected. But there are ways to overcome this shyness or even to stand by it with a trick and still have success with women.

Why women don’t like shy men

Shyness at Addressing a woman can certainly seem very sweet, but in the long run a woman tends to have other ideas about a man. She is looking for a strong partner who has both feet on the ground and knows what she wants. The problem with shy men is that these criteria do not always apply, because shy men usually act in a foreign way and therefore do not have a self-confident demeanor.

When a woman is approached by a shy man, she wants the man to take dominance in the conversation. As a shy man, however, you can easily get around this by asking the woman lots of questions. This is how you take over the conversation without telling much yourself.

Stand by your shyness

With a little trick you can approach a woman even though you are shy, simply by being open about it. If you want to approach a woman, you can openly tell her that you are shy, but you are trying to work on it.

The advantage of this method is that you can be the protector or the dominator. Activate a woman’s maternal instinct and she will even find it sweet because you are so honest with her. Quickly you can get into conversation with a woman about it. However, it is important that you quickly reassume dominance in the uplifting conversation.

Tips for shy men when approaching women

If you want to approach women, although you are a little shy, then use the following tips to increase your success.

  • Do not overplay your shyness, but rather stand by it
  • Approach women frequently and many times to get more practice
  • Ask the woman many questions so that she has to talk more than you do
  • Act quickly before your mind kicks in

Do not give your mind a chance

The problem with shy men who want to approach a woman is usually the fear of rejection. This is where your mind plays a mean trick on you. As soon as you think about approaching a woman, your mind gives you enough reasons not to approach her. Reasons like, "Oh she must have a boyfriend" or "I’m bound to get turned down".

So if you are thinking of approaching a woman, do it right away before your mind plays that mean trick on you. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to approach the woman, because you will find more and more reasons not to do it. Men who are not very shy, act here usually very quickly and out of affect, before the mind sets in.

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