Apply online the right way: show that you’re a pdf expert with your application documents!

Apply online - the modern form of application!

The online application is already more the norm these days. If you apply online, you still need to prepare complete application documents.

The online application has become the standard form of application and has almost completely replaced the application with a classic portfolio. Except for a few and manageable application situations, as an applicant you need to have a Create online application. Familiar with the Internet, you may think that it is much easier to apply online. But this is not the case, because the requirements of the online application clearly exceed those of the classic application. However, once you have experience in the Creation of documents for the online application collected, so apply online much faster than with an application portfolio. You save the tedious work around the portfolio (buying, printing, compiling and mailing) when you apply online. In addition, the online application is much faster in the personnel department of your desired employer. But how do you apply online correctly? In this article we will give you answers based on our long experience as application writers.

If you are applying online, you must also create a complete application based on the correct criteria!

The often expressed assumption that an online application is easier to create than the classic version is simply not true! When you apply online, the same principles that apply to a "regular" job application also apply. Potential employers expect you to submit a professional application that complies with all valid requirements in terms of content and external form. A professional application is characterized above all by the fact that it is a high degree of individuality as well as accuracy of fit to the advertised position – in compliance with all formal rules – has. For online applications, you must also create suitable PDF documents of your individual application components, name them correctly and, in the case of an application by e-mail, also write a corresponding text. Especially with these supplementary tasks, a lot can go wrong if you pursue your application project online. But first, you need to get to a professional application available in Word files before moving on to the specifics of online applications.

The professional application: even if you apply online, this form of application is to be aimed for..

Applying online - tips

For the online version of the application, you will need PDF files of your cover letter, resume, and transcript. When it comes to email applications, you still need to find the right words for the application email.

Accuracy of fit paired with individuality are the core requirements for professional application documents. These refer mainly to the cover letter and the resume. The use of application samples is not very promising in this context and leads to rejection even with moderate application competition. This only shows that the job is not particularly important to you and that you do not want to go to a lot of trouble. No company wants to hire applicants who are only willing to do the minimum and filter them out during the application process. Keep in mind that attractive jobs are highly sought after by applicants, and you will have to compete with several dozen or even hundreds of competitors! Especially in the cover letter – the "soul" of your entire application – you have to let your personality flow in to a certain extent, despite a relatively matter-of-fact writing style. The cover letter should be used to provide a relevant overview of your professional background, including skills and strengths. Your argumentation should be coherent and follow a red thread. The same also applies to your application motivation. Motivated employees are always the best for an employer, because they are very efficient and flexible in accepting stressful situations in their daily work. Show you’re honestly motivated and you’ll also put in for the Online application a solid foundation. When writing a cover letter, you will only have one DIN A4 page in one of the usual fonts and sizes available for the above tasks. So you need to clearly separate relevant and rather unimportant information as well as keep a clear focus on the essentials. In order for you to achieve the right results Good preparation is essential. At the end of the process of writing an application, there is now the preparation for sending it, which nowadays will be done almost exclusively online. To ensure that you do everything right online, we will now explicitly address the special circumstances of the Online application a.

Doing everything right online: How to successfully overcome the hurdles of online applications!

Lie your Application documents in the form of Word files the further work consists in creating suitable PDF documents. Of course, you can also use other word processors; the procedure for PDF files is the same in itself. Furthermore, you will need to create an additional text if you are Apply online by e-mail must.

The following points you must absolutely consider with your on-line application:

  • As a rule, your PDF files must not be larger than 2 – 3 MB. Specifications will be given to you in the job posting or you will be advised of them by the online application system.
  • The cover letter must have your exempt signature integrated. Scans of a signed hard copy version look unprofessional when you see the margins.
  • The individual PDF documents for each of your application components (cover letter, resume, and reference attachment) must represent a reasonable compromise between file size and graphic quality.
  • Please name your PDF files correctly: For example, if the file name is "Cover letter", the file name will be "Cover letter".pdf" is unfavorable, you will achieve more online if you use a designation of the type "Cover letter – M. Sample man.pdf" or "Cover letter – Mustermann Max.choose "pdf.
  • Make sure that your PDF documents only have meaningful names in the file properties. When creating PDF files, an author is usually entered as well.
  • Give your e-mail a meaningful subject, which includes the job ID or the job description. Job number taken into account. Such a subject would be for example "Application – Job-ID 2014/111 – Employee SAP Logistic (m/f)". E-mails with the subject "Application" give an unfavorable impression, as they suggest a lack of understanding for online correspondence.
  • Write only a short, factual text in the e-mail of your online application. There is no place for the content of your application. The use of a signature with your contact details at the end of your e-mail is very sensible.
  • Please refrain from asking for an acknowledgement of receipt. This would have a very demanding character and would only create pressure, which is always to be avoided with an application – no matter whether online or not.
  • And don’t forget… Send the email only from a "legitimate" email address! Email addresses like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" are completely unsuitable.

Apply online with success!

With the on-line application care is highest requirement. Applying online is not easier than applying through the application folder. If you need help, TT Bewerbungsservice is the right contact for your request.

More tips on how to Apply online correctly, you will find in our application guide, which deals with all questions concerning online applications. Consider also our Tipps to the application photo, which in the context of each Application – whether online or classic – is of great importance. For special application situations and application projects, we also have tips available on our website.

With the TT application service you are also online always right!

With the TT job application service you have a competent and experienced job application writer at your side, who is familiar with all the Intricacies of the online application knows best. You should be able to apply online properly and thus have an application advantage that maximizes your chances of being invited to an interview. You can not only have individual application documents such as a cover letter or resume made as part of the application help, but also order complete applications. The service of each order includes, at your request, the free creation of suitable PDF files ready to be sent. So you can apply directly online and fully exploit the potential of professional application documents. For future application projects you are flexible thanks to provided word files. Our prices are designed to fit your personal application situation. Of course, you can also use various application documents (eg. B. Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, and Resume) in English order. A 24h service is also offered. Professionalism, fairness and transparency are the pillars of our actions. Rely on the expertise of the application writer and get in touch with us. We are happy to help you with your application request!

This article on "Apply online the right way" comes from Dipl.-Ing. Till Tauber MBA, the application writer from the Hannover / Braunschweig area.

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