Anti-aging tricks: make up younger with these makeup tips

What woman needs Botox and lifting when all she has to do is open her make-up bag?? We show make-up tips that will make you look a few years younger in no time at all.

Girls and young women want makeup to make them look older and more grown up. Once women have passed the 30s and 40s mark, they usually want the opposite: a fresh, rejuvenated look. Luckily, the right makeup products and makeup tips can act like an inexpensive and quick makeover. And you don’t need a Hollywood makeup artist to do it: We’ve put together a few makeup tricks you can use to cheat yourself a few years younger.

Less is more: not too much make-up

One thing right off the bat: the best makeup products won’t help if they’re not chosen to suit your type and dosed correctly. While it’s a fact that the face shows more spots and wrinkles with age – that doesn’t mean you should plaster it over entirely. Especially when it comes to foundation, some women overdo it and barely let a bit of skin shine through. The result: a rigid, unnatural overall image that doesn’t give our own complexion a chance and makes us look years older.

Even when it comes to color, there are always mistakes to be made. While blue eyeliner, pink mascara and dark lips may look fashionable on younger women, certain colors make mouths, eyes and co. at a more mature age do not always appear in the best light. Still, the right lip color and a bit of shimmer to bring out the eyes are allowed in the right doses for an extra freshness boost. More on this later.

Make-up rule number one: moisture first

Stop! Before you unpack your make-up utensils right now, you should definitely know the most important rule when applying make-up from 40: before all other steps absolutely Moisturizer Apply. If you do without it, your skin will deprive the applied foundation of moisture and dry patches and small wrinkles will be highlighted all the more.

A well-moisturized facial skin ensures a young, radiant complexion – so make sure that the make-up products you use also contribute to this. In other words, you should rather use creamy, liquid or gel-based Makeup products and leave heavy powders, which tend to settle in the creases, on the shelf.

The right foundation: concealer

The be-all and end-all for rejuvenating makeup is the Primer (Foundation), which ensures a warm, healthy complexion. Remember: less is more. To cover age spots, redness or dark circles under the eyes, first apply a Concealer – liquid concealer for normal and dry skin, mousse concealer with mattifying effect for oily skin – come to use. This foundation lightens the darker areas and provides a more even complexion.

The best way to apply the (liquid) concealer is to dab it on your face with a slightly damp sponge and then rub it in evenly with your fingers. Through this method, the foundation is slightly diluted with water, excess amounts are absorbed by the sponge. The result: an even, naturally fresh complexion. For women 40 plus, slightly yellowish tones are also suitable for foundation, as the warm tone makes the skin appear younger. A light gold tone helps to combat unwanted pallor, a sallow complexion, as well as distracting redness, and also provides a healthy, rejuvenated look.

The right base for foundation: Primer

Primers are among the true miracle cures among rejuvenating makeup items. This is actually a type of primer, which was originally introduced as a smoothing product. The almost colorless, lightweight primers fill wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores and form a smoothing film on the skin. They also conceal redness, age spots and other pigmentation disorders. Here’s how to ensure a natural, even complexion and lay the perfect foundation for other makeup products.

Brows, eyelashes and eyelids: problem zone eyes

For a more youthful look, shape your eyebrows first – especially as we age, the hairs can thin out, grow too bushy or turn gray. An eyebrow pencil can be used to help out with thinning areas, which is applied with small strokes in the direction of the growth. Make sure that the color is one tone lighter than the natural hair and that the shape of the brow is not "painted out" – dark bars above the eyes look unflattering.

If you want to tame bushy brows, you should approach the matter with caution: Too thin or undefined arches make eyes and eyelids appear droopier. It is best to consult a beauty professional. If you want to take tweezers and scissors in hand yourself, you should only pluck the hairs outside the arch and only carefully trim overhanging brows. To get rid of gray hairs, simply use a liquid eyebrow pencil or have them dyed by a professional. (Perhaps also interesting: Stimulate eyebrow growth)

The eyelid, which also loses shape and contour with age, also wants to be showcased – just perhaps not quite as dramatically as it used to be. Therefore, instead of black kajal, go for a more natural brown shade and make sure that the eyelid lines are applied finely and regularly along the lash line (preferably with gel eyeliner). For a fresher look, accentuate the lower inner lid, the so-called waterline, with cream-colored kohl. When it comes to eye shadow, special eye primers and subtle colors such as earth tones ensure that the wrinkles in the eye area, which increase with age, are not emphasized even more. A light shimmer as a highlight on the inner lid – for example in champagne, copper or rose gold – ensures a fresh, radiant look.

The more open and larger the eyes appear, the younger the whole face appears. But even the eyelashes seem to fall victim to gravity with age and hang down more and more. With an eyebrow pliers you bring your eyelashes back in the right way. When it comes to mascara, it’s better to use a lengthening mascara instead of a thickening mascara, which smooths the ever thinner hairs even more due to its weight.

Simple beauty routine: the 7-minute make-up routine

Blush, but correctly

To define the contours of your face and enhance the rejuvenating effect, add a bit of color to your cheeks. For this, apply a creme rouge, for example in warm pink tones, to the highest part of the cheekbones and blend to the hairline.

Lips to fall in love with

Full lips are a sign of youthfulness and freshness, but unfortunately, in old age, you also have to cut back here: The lips, especially the upper, become thinner. Dark, strong colors accentuate narrow lips and additionally emphasize the wrinkles around the mouth. With the lipstick color therefore rather on softer tones like mauve, rose or a warm pink set. With a lipliner, the contours look even more defined and the lips appear fuller. As a finishing touch, use some more lip balm or a colorless lip gloss to make the mouth appear more youthful.

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