All do’s and don’ts for storing weed properly at a glance

" store weed properly ? At proper Storage are cannabis products durable for many years, without a significant decrease in THC content. The large surface area of marijuana (…) leads to rapid THC degradation and a high sensitivity versus external influences. (…) This leads to the fact that marijuana (…) when stored badly, considerably loses odor and potency."(Source: Hanfverband Deuschland).

So the hemp association says that you should store weed properly to enjoy it for a long time. But what is there to consider, so that the weed also remains (b)smokeable? Most of the time, the weed is simply bought in cheap plastic bags or made of paper. With the bags there is already the first dont but there are many more. In this article we will present you the do’s and don’ts, and at the end we will resolve which means of storage is the most suitable. Store weed properly – is important to keep it fresh for as long as possible and thus maintain the THC content.

THE DO’s for storing grass properly

Dostore it out of direct sunlight, because "UV light promotes the decay of THC too little or. non-psychoactive substances" and, according to a University of London study, is the biggest k.o.-Criterion.

Dostore it ideally in an airtight container, z.B. in a canning jar, jam jar o.a., To minimize the oxidation process, because "oxygen also promotes the decay of THC.".

Dostore your weed in a cool place, if possible "under 20-22°C. Cooler temperatures slow down the process of cannabinoid decarboxylation, the conversion of THC to the less psychoactive CBN. Why you should still not store your weed in the fridge or even freezer, you will learn below in the Dont’s.

Marijuana in Kerr Mason Jars

What do cannabis, good wine and whiskey have in common??
They age best in a cool, dark place without temperature fluctuations!

THE DONT’s for storing grass properly

Don’tdo not store your marijuana in plastic bags or plastic containers. The static properties of the plastic bag attract the trichomes of the grass, similar to a magnet. Use the bags only for short transport of smaller quantities, but avoid much movement or permanent storage in them. More on the topic in the video at the bottom. Store weed properly ? It is best to transport it in a small jar.

Don’tdon’t handle your weed around unnecessarily, especially if it is in a plastic bag. Everybody likes to show what he has (my car, my villa, my wife …), but also too much movement leads to breaking and sticking of the trichomes.

Don’topen your storage jar only when you plan to indulge. Too frequent oxygen exchange accelerates the oxidation and thus the decay of THC.

Don’tdo not store your grass in the refrigerator (!) The fluctuations in temperature and humidity, from opening and closing the refrigerator door, can increase the likelihood of mold and bacteria growth.

Don’tdo not store it in the freezer either (!) The intense cold can make the sensitive trichomes brittle, so they break off more easily and are destroyed the next time you handle your weed. Store weed properly ? A small jar would survive the freezer. The weed but unfortunately not..

Don’tdon’t store your cannabis too high up or near electrical appliances, which can give off heat. Warm air rises, so even a well-heated room can cause temperature fluctuations, which in turn can harm your grass. Tip: It is best to store your grass at foot or knee level.

Don’tdo not use a tobacco or cigar humidor. most of them are made of cedar wood, which contain oils that can affect the taste and effect of your weed. In addition, they usually contain sponges soaked in glycol to regulate humidity. However, this can lead to oversaturation with weed.

Don’tdon’t store your precious weed with or in grinders, pipes or other accessories. The ash and tar from the burned cannabis usually remain partially and thus contaminate the storage vessel in the long run. So separate your stuff and best clean it from time to time too.

Excerpt from the story

There are documents from China which prove the knowledge about the content and the effect of cannabinoids from the flowers of the female hemp plant. They are writings that have been dated to over 4000 years old. Since that time, evidence of your use of cannabis in the form of weed, hemp seeds or oil, whether for medicinal purposes or as a stimulant, can be found again and again. For this reason alone, you should consider in which container you store such historical things.


So to avoid THC degradation as well as the formation of mold spores, you should keep your cannabis store dry, cool and dark. Don’t do nonsense like putting things in the fridge or freezer and put your flowers in a neat, airtight container once you are at home. Then nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment with your favorite potent weed!


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All do's and don'ts for storing weed properly at a glance

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MASON JARS – the funny proof of Ball how long something keeps fresh in these jars!

This text comes from outside

One of our customers uses Mason Jars for a slightly different purpose: to store weed. As an American he has been swearing by these things for a long time and since he wants to support us – JarJar Original – he wrote the following article for us. We hope you liked it and found it helpful!

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