After system restore, some programs don’t start anymore

Due to an error where various program icons stopped displaying, I decided to start a system restore, on a ca. 2.5 month old restore point.

The system restore worked without any problems, i.e. without any error message during the restore process.

After that I noticed that certain programs like Firefox, Chrome or Opera simply didn’t open anymore when clicked on. No matter if shortcut or EXE file.

Also other programs like Spotify, Tidal did not open anymore.

That is, after clicking there is not a single reaction.

I have now reinstalled the programs, except for Windows Live Photo Gallery, the programs are running again.

But why does such an error happen at all?

If during the system restore the registry is changed as well as program folders, and also personal files?

The system file checker found a corrupted file and repaired it, now all without error.

Avast and Malwarebytes do not report any threat.

> Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


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  • 22. January 2019
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> But why does such an error happen at all?

This is not a mistake at all, this is even exactly the intended behavior of a system restore. The system is restored to the time when the restore point was created.
If new programs were installed after that time, they were logically not included in a previously created snapshot.
If they were tinkered with afterwards (!), it would make the system restore to a certain date ad-absurdum and the whole thing would be pointless.

>If the Registry is changed with the system restoration as well as program folders, and also personal files?

The registry of the day of the snapshot is ironed over, personal files and programs are not touched, however, links to personal data or new programs are lost, which are stored in the registry or on the desktop, and were created AFTER the snapshot.
If you are lucky, driver versions are also included in the snapshot from time to time and restored again, but I would not rely on that.


  • 22. January 2019
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Please check the HDD/SSD – expand the window so that no scroll bar is visible anymore. In the options – advanced options – change raw value to 10[DEC].

Please upload picture of it here. Thanks

PLEASE help each other!

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I don’t think it’s intentional (I’m just assuming that the programs you mentioned were not installed after the system restore). Even if the programs were installed later so some of them should start without registry entries, especially browsers are not so finicky and just create their entries again.

This "phenomenon but I could already observe and have no idea why. Srlbst with an aufspielen a previously created image (where everything is/should be backed up) afterwards some programs strike. Especially programs under Accessories/Easier Operation are affected by that. I often use the on-screen keyboard and magnifier, they work fine. If I now play back my Win7 image (where these programs also ran at that time), there is only an error message when starting the mentioned programs (something about a service/server that could not be reached).

You can find a lot about this if you google it, but no real solution to what the problem is.

On a side note, what’s curious: After a few weeks, now that the restored Windows has been running for a while, said programs are working smoothly again (without having made any changes to the system).

I cannot offer a solution to this.

  • 22. January 2019
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I can also confirm the behavior (nothing happens after startup) of Chrome and Firefox after a system restore, both usually want to be reinstalled.
I just blame it on their autoupdateroutienen, which probably make registry changes :/

> At the edge, which is curious:

at least with Chrome it is explainable: The chromeupdater runs as a separate process constantly in the background and he will have then probably simply a new update over bugelt the questionable Registry entries replaces/repairs.


  • 22. January 2019
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The phenomenon is really special, unfortunately not completely explainable.

I am not the only one with this phenomenon.

Certain programs now run again by reinstalling them, but where I am clueless is with the Windows Live Essentials 2012.

I found Moviemaker and Photo Gallery to be very simple and good programs, even though the Essentials are a few years old.

If I want to start the now opens the Internet Explorer with the following address and message:

What could this mean?

I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the Essentials several times, no success.

Due to compatibility issues: On my Windows 7 work elitebook, Essentials runs without any problems.

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User password

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Unfortunately I can’t help with this problem either.

I just wanted to describe with my post that I know the problem both from a system restore and from a created, complete, image (so a complete backup of the partition / hard drive). My description above concerns a created image and is reproducible at any time with me.

Using the example from above: The Windows own programs "on-screen keyboard" and "Screen Magnifier are currently running perfectly on my system (they start without any problems – although this is an image and the programs mentioned above did not start for weeks after copying them back). If I now create an image of the Windows, format the hard disk and restore this image, both programs mentioned will first of all display an error message and not start for weeks. At some point then the programs go again . Without changes to the system.

Unfortunately I didn’t note the exact error message (as I said, it says something about a service/server that can’t be contacted – but the programs don’t have to anyway). Said error message is then very often found by Google but no solution. It remains somehow . curious.

Even with Microsoft I had once inquired before quite a while. I mean they should know. I had the feeling that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

I mean it is for me now also not the large problem since I know that the programs "sometime" start again . only this thought is "Ok, the programs do not start now, let’s wait 2-3 weeks, then they work again" . curious.

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