Adding websites to favorites in safari on the mac

Quickly view websites you visit frequently by adding them to Favorites. This way you can open them again immediately with just one click.

Add a website to your favorites

In the Safari app on the Mac, hover the pointer over the smart search box.

Click and hold the quick add button that appears at the left end of the field. Then select "Favorites".

Alternatively, click the smart search box and drag the URL of the open website to the Favorites bar at the top of the window, to the Favorites folder in the sidebar, or to the Favorites pane on the Home page.

Manage Favorites

In the Safari app on your Mac, do one of the following:

Rearrange favorites: Move the previews to the desired new positions.

Change the name of a favorite website or folder name: While holding down the "ctrl" key, click the name you want to change in the Favorites page or Favorites bar, and then choose Rename from the context menu. You can also select the name by clicking hard, or click and hold until the name is highlighted, then type a new name.

Remove a website from favorites Drag the web page from the Favorites bar or Favorites pane to the toolbar and release the key. You can also hold down the "ctrl" key and click the website, then choose "Delete" from the context menu.

Show other bookmark folder in favorites: Select "Safari"> "Settings", click "General" and then use the "Add to Favorites" pop-up menu.

View Favorites

In the Safari app on your Mac, do one of the following:

View favorites using the Smart Search box: Click on the smart search box to display your favorites in the home page view. Then click the icon of the website you want to visit. The home page view will disappear when you start typing. It will not be displayed if you click on the field while the home page is displayed.

You can also show your favorite websites when you open new tabs. If your favorites don’t appear in new tabs, change the settings under Changing the General pane of Preferences in Safari.

Show favorites bar: Choose "Appearance"> "Show favorites bar". A bar with favorite websites will appear under the toolbar.

The Favorites bar with a bookmark folder. To edit a bookmark or folder, click and hold the bookmark or folder in the bar. To rearrange the items in the bar, drag them. To remove an item, move it out of the bar area

When you see two angle brackets on the far right of the bar, you can either click on the brackets to display the remaining bookmarks that can’t currently be displayed due to lack of space, or enlarge the Safari window.

Open favorite website: Click on the smart search box and then click on a website under the "Favorites" heading or on a website in the Favorites bar (or use the Touch Bar).

Hint: Make sure your favorite websites match across all devices by logging in with the same Apple ID. On the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, select Settings> "[your name]"> "iCloud" and make sure Safari is enabled. On the Mac, open System Preferences, click Apple ID , click "iCloud" and make sure Safari is enabled. If the bookmark for a favorite website is missing on one device, you may have deleted it on another device.

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