50 Cyclists use pedestrian path – warning fine looms

The changed traffic routing for bicycle traffic between the junctions Rubenkoppel and Zum Gartenbrook was the reason for a control of cyclists by police officers of the 3. Police station last Friday. Due to an established construction site, this area of Brandenbaumer Landstrabe is reserved exclusively for pedestrians until the end of the construction work.

Despite appropriate signage and a designated detour for bicycle traffic via the streets Rubenkoppel, Sandkrugskoppel and the street Zum Gartenbrook, 50 cyclists were controlled in the afternoon, who rode on the sidewalk in violation of the ban. After a clarifying conversation, the police officers left it at that day with verbal warnings. Due to the structural conditions, joint use of the area by pedestrians and cyclists is not possible and poses dangers. For this reason the controls are continued. Violations are then punished with a warning fine of 25 euros.

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Text number: 149705 Author: polizei lubeck/SU vom 31.01.2022 at 12.52 o’clock

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Tobias Moller

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 13.24 o’clock:
Nice that the police gave away 1250,- here.

The (. ) are laughing their heads off and will continue unimpressed, because it is always just the inconsequential "you you you you" remains.

What comes next ? Will then be distributed shopping vouchers after giving away high-visibility vests and bells ?

In any case, this is no way to educate people to obey rules and laws.

Hans Lubsch

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 13.32 o’clock:
I drove the piece on the weekend then on the Brandenbaumer. However, this can cost more than 25€. If necessary. you pay for it with your life, as the car drivers overtake you then.
Then rather 25. Thanks.


wrote on 31.01.2022 at 14.26 o’clock:
I am a cyclist myself, the fine should be increased.


Wrote on 31.01.2022 at 14.32 Am:
Don’t go there. It’s a trap. X_x

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 14.48 hrs:
@ Tobias Moller:
This is similar to motorists parking on bike and pedestrian paths despite bans;
As well as regularly see the red light sign as a friendly recommendation.
By the way, yellow means: stop and wait for the following light signal.

@ Biggy:
if, then CYCLING. also "gendern must be learned.

Manfred Vandersee

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 15.37 hrs:
Most misdemeanors on the bicycle are made in Lubeck by nonsensical and to a large extent also traffic-endangering detour and traffic routing at construction sites and at changes in the road layout.

As paradoxical as it may seem, it is especially on the bike in Lubeck sometimes safer to commit a minor violation of the law and not to be caught if possible, or alternatively to push the bike large portions of the way. However, the simplest variant, which does not need any further thought, is the penetrating punishment of the misdemeanors in the traffic. In this case, the police had also acted correctly and only warned people verbally.

Maybe the police as a REAL expert team should then also suggest to the municipality how to do it better in the future, so that people do not feel animated to ride non-permitted paths.

There are large actionistic projects like the questionable conversions in the Beckergrube, the Roeckstrabe or the Fackenburger Alle only from low ideological motives anberaumt, which cost quite a lot of hard-earned money of the productive working population, however hardly someone makes itself in Lubeck thought that humans with all means of transport not only briskly, but also SAFELY to the goal to come want.

The much money, which is wasted for really bad traffic policy since decades, could be invested in maintenance of roads and ways with security more meaningfully. Examples abound!


wrote on 31.01.2022 at 16.15 o’clock:
Please also control the cemetery avenue. It is impossible! Many cyclists, in between scooter riders and pizza delivery men on the walkway!

Jon Dohe

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 16.3 pm:
". After clarifying conversation, the police officers left it at verbal warnings on this day. "

Why this?

Or in the future all road users will be allowed to do what THEY want with changed traffic routing?
I thought until now, that even then the StVO applies, and I continue to adhere (reorient) to it.

This cuddling course with cyclists, where in the best case there are still gifts (bells, reflectors, etc.).) for violations is by now just incomprehensible.
It is time, in the sense of the equal treatment desired by cyclists, that also the bicycles receive a visible identification, and likewise are taxed!

margit H.t.

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 17.1pm:
The other 450 cyclists who ride the wrong way every day , the police probably overlooked .

Henning L.

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 17.46 pm:
@Manfred Vandersee

Quote: Most of the misbehavior on the bike is done in Lubeck by nonsensical and to a large extent also traffic endangering detours and traffic routing at construction sites and changes in road layouts. End of quote

No, by completely irresponsible Radrambos, to which the STVO is completely indifferent!

And to make it clear: I AM A BICYCLE RIDER!

By the way, those "traffic hazardous detours" etc. are in the allermeisten cases AUSGESCHILDERT, which simply "overlook" is: *CYCLIST DISMOUNT!*

What I z. B. without construction site almost every day in the bike/pedestrian path at the back of the administration building Ziegelstr. /Back dm drugstore parking lot – to then exit Fachenburger Allee erlebe, is madness:

Running over elderly pedestrians at high speed from behind, even with handlebars still touching their arms, two abreast, cell phone in hand, and no regard for the disabled, children, and elderly with "walkers"(!) etc.

This is deliberate "endangerment of people and their health!"

And again: *In case of doubt, before you endanger weaker ones in such a way, you have to dismount!*

Likewise with constrictions, at bypasses with building sites etc. ,mostly there is clear: "BAUSTELLE -RADFAHRER ABSTEiGEN*

That you don’t endanger others, like pedestrians, at red lights by simply driving on is clear anyway, isn’t it?? Strange,that I experience this as a cyclist EVERY DAY!

Uwe Zollner

wrote on 31.01.2022 at 19.41 hrs:
If you look at this report you can only shake your head and realize how many incompetent cyclists there are you should there also equal
a fine take with it the
Cyclists finally times thoughts but open their mouths and scream for new bike lanes possibly still in the ADFC member poor Lubeck.

Peter Brown

wrote on 01.02.2022 at 06.52 hrs:
Right so. Every time I rode along there were other cyclists who simply rode across the sidewalk, even though the signage forbids this.
I myself have every time rather used the road than the detour. Unlike my fellow commentator Hans Lubsch, however, I did not find this life-threatening. Generally I have very rarely conflict situations with cars, although I drive 50+ kilometers a week through Lubeck.

If I may suggest a place for controls: The transition of Arnimstrabe into Roeckstrabe in the direction of Radbruch-Platz. Here I meet approximately daily ghost drivers.

margit H.

wrote on 01.02.2022 at 12.01 o’clock:
Most misdemeanors ( violations of the traffic regulations ) are committed deliberately by cyclists .
To call the traffic routing as a reason is sheer nonsense .

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