Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiedemann, head physician of our clinic for urology, is Germany’s first professor for uro-geriatrics. Saturday, 29. June 2019, he is hosting a symposium on this new medical field for the second time.


Ev. Hospital Witten – Ev. Hospital Witten

Ev. Witten Hospital

&&& Nutrition tips for new vegans

Are you in the "Veganuary also on the taste of a purely vegetable nutrition come and play now with the thought of doing without permanently all products of animal origin? A vegan diet can be an alternative for young adults and adolescents who are looking for a diet that takes into account health, economic, ecological, ethical and philosophical aspects.

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings make your partner a very special joy. We have 60 sayings, short texts and quotes for you and give you tips with which you can easily write romantic sayings yourself.

Romantic sayings you can use for different occasions. Write it in a love letter or in a card for Valentine’s Day, send it on WhatsApp and Co. or frame it as a gift.

Number porting: take your old cell phone number with you to the new contract

cell phone.en editor Published on 9. July 2020

Cell phone keypad - Touchpad

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Sometimes it must go a little faster. Who must come promptly at money, which finds here a commented collection of ideas for the most promising ways, how without special knowledge and/or. a well-founded training is fast to come at money.

Thanks to the Internet: Nowadays there are quite a number of ways to make money quickly available. This collection of ideas has been compiled over the last few years and is tried and tested for success. The next vacation is definitely to be earned with these tips.

Content: Get money fast

The model and the professional footballer have been a couple for five years now. Together they are currently raising four children. But family relationships are complicated.

The football star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children

The soccer star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children.

Two more are already on the way. The couple is having twins - a boy and a girl

The birth of your own child is one of the most beautiful moments in life. But you have a right to special leave for this?

Stork brings baby

The birth of one’s child is a special event for parents. If the day of birth is a working day, the event conflicts with the contractually owed duty to work. In this article, we explain the legal situation with regard to a claim to paid leave for the day of birth.

The Profession of the writer has a special attraction for many people. The undisputed advantages of this profession include the possibility of self-fulfillment, freely plannable working hours, and a certain degree of recognition. Writers who can really make a living from their hobby are the exception. Learn about the possibilities of becoming a writer, and whether it is a worthwhile profession.

We provide information on how to become a writer - but is it even worth becoming a writer these days?

The profession of writing: an overview

The profession of a writer includes the authors. However, while authors also deal with factual texts, for example, writers write exclusively literary texts. This can be, for example

Short-time work, missing fees or even job loss: In times of the Corona pandemic, many households lose parts of their income through no fault of their own. But how can current expenses be reduced on the other hand?? The first step is to take an honest look at your cash flow. We tell you what else you can do about it.

Debts: Man with bills in hand

  1. If you are short of cash, you should get an overview of your income and expenses. This is what a budget is for.
  2. The expenses should be sorted according to urgency. Which contracts and purchases are superfluous, which are necessary and which are a nice-to-have.
  3. The 12 tips from the consumer advice center help you save money in everyday life.

If your income is falling, you should put your expenses to the test. Above all, there must be money for basic needs. This includes water, electricity, maintenance payments, food or the rent. Where can costs be cut here or elsewhere? Which purchases can be postponed? What can you do without completely. With our 12 tips you can save money in everyday life. If you need support or are in financial distress, our debt counseling service can help you.

Scottish Islands

Scottish islands


Follow me on a little journey. A trip along Scotland’s coast, starting in the north and going down into the southwest. We visit the many small and large islands that are part of Scotland. islands, each of which has its own character. Islands, with their own culture. Islands that have played a role in history. And islands that can enrich our future trips to Scotland – because they offer fantastic and special nature and sights that are not available on the "mainland".

Manuel Brug

"Sola, perduta, abbandonata."Manon Lescaut sings of being alone, lost and abandoned, not Anna Netrebko. Even though the Russian super soprano would have every reason to do so, at least in the eyes of the tabloid press: the long-awaited separation from her companion Erwin Schrott, her son’s mild autism, the headlines about her support for Putin including singing the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremony of Sochi. The likewise unsurprising cancellation of the "Faust" Marguerite in London, Vienna, Baden-Baden and Hamburg, because the role has long since seemed too lyrically articulated for the voice, which has become darker, more pronounced in the middle range, and in the meantime has turned to the youthful dramatic Verdi repertoire.

There was no mistaking this in June 2010, when Anna Netrebko sang her final premiere of Jules Massenet’s "Manon" in London under Antonio Pappano and a surprise success Vittorio Grigolo. The part of the young, seductive, flirtatious rococo girl who is to be bartered away by her brother to a rich old man, but falls in love with the penniless student Des Grieux, which will plunge them both into misfortune, didn’t really fit anymore.